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Pyrex Tanks that wont break the bank!

Large Pyrex tanks for under $25.00?

Yep here you go.. 

…. thank you ibtanked!


Another solid vendor that shows us how its done.   Stainless Steel caps and a large clear Pyrex tank for $24.00.   They also have a ton of other glass tanks in different combinations.  This tube is only $5.00

The Deal:

$19.00 for the stainless steel caps that fit on any of their glass tubes.
Tubes price range from $5.00 to custom made price quotes.

Whats my man Basilray got to say about them? Check it out.

A cheap Juice and mod stand!

Great Juice and Mod Stand!


The Deal:
6.63 for the 10 inch wide version.

8.15 for the 15 inch wide version.

I use the 10″ version and each level can hold about and its holding about
45-50 bottles of various sized juice from 10ml-50ml.

Display your juice with pride!

Kanger T2’s on the Cheap!

Sizzle: Kanger T2 replaceable head clearomizers

… its

Branded as the 2.4ml Ego Sunfire (aka Kanger T2) and the replaceable heads!

The Deal: 

3.95 for 1 fully assembled Clearomizer
4.95 for 5 replaceable heads in your choice of SR or LR.

They work fantastic!

Shipping is reasonable at $3.00-$3.50ish

There are coupons out there floating around.

American E-juice thats cheap AND good!

HOT: Affordable – American handmade E-juice 


Finally!  A place where you can buy American made e-juice at a reasonable price!   Sick of vendors charging more for their juice then current gold prices? Here is your answer.  I buy from this vendor all the time!  

The Deal:

4.99 – 15ml
7.49 – 30ml
10.39 – 50ml

DIY start @ 5.99 for 15ml – up to 6 flavors per juice. AMAZING!

Their prices on hardware are about average… The juice is the deal!

The prices are cheap, but they must get you on the shipping right?

NOPE – $2.25 for shipping!  I dare you to find a better price + shipping anywhere for American handmade juice! 

But if you do.. email me and let me know 🙂


LR Boge Cartomizers – Load up!

.. its! Where have you been all my life?

The Deal:  

A Box of Boge Low Resistance Cartomizers for 5.50 w/ Free shipping? Are they crazy?? I don’t care, ill take advantage of crazy people!!

Stainless Style: Stainless Style @

Looking to save more? Try the 5 box deal @ 23.00 free shipping!

You can kiss me later.