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5 Kanger T2’s – $18.99 – Free Shipping

… another from Surevapes

Anyone who knows me will tell you im a HUGE Kanger T2 fan.  To me its the best clearomizer going.   An ego stardust doesn’t even come close.  Im also a big fan of Surevapes.  Id say 90% of the time they are the lowest price and they ship it to you for free.    

This deal is for 5 – Replaceable head Kanger T2’s w/ 1.8ohm heads.    You have 3 different colors to choose from.


GoodProphets – 30% off DIY

Everything you will need…

Good prophets is running a sale on everything DIY.  Everything from Nic Base to Pipettes.  They arent the lowest price normally but with the 30% off coupon, it puts them in the low category.
30% off with coupon code:  diysave at checkout.

Magenta/Red Lavatube Mini – $31.49

…. its the house of vapor!

I havent seen this color on sale much.  Usually its the black or silver.   A really good deal on a Lavatube is 29.99, so this isnt too far off – specially for this color. 


The Vari-Tube Mod Features:
Sturdy device made of metal with a black painted finish
Standard 510 connection for use with atomizer, cartomizers, and most tank systems
Suggested Battery: AW IMR 18350
Operation of the Vari-Tube is very simple.

Power button (Red): Hold this down for 5 seconds to turn the device on/off.
Activation button (Black): Once powered on the this button will fire the device at the set voltage.
Voltage adjustment buttons (Marked with a + and -): Use the + and – buttons to adjust the voltage in 0.1 volt increments. Once 6.0 volts is reached the voltage will automatically roll back and start at 3.0 volts with another push of the + button.

To lock the device at your chosen voltage, simply press and hold the + and – buttons together for 5 seconds. This will lock those buttons preventing voltage adjustment until the buttons are unlocked by following the same procedure.

The LCD screen is simple, easy to read and backlit with a red LED. It simply displays the voltage as you set/change it using the voltage set buttons.

The Vari-Tube Mod comes with built in circuit/switch protection. This means that you cannot push the switch over 2.5amps of load. The great thing about this is that rather than simply not working/displaying an error the Vari-Tube will automatically lower the voltage down to an acceptable level and fire.

The Vari-Tube also has regulated voltage output which keeps the voltage exactly the same each time you use it. As your 18350 battery continues to drain the regulated voltage will always output at the same level!

The Vari-Tube activation protection cuts in at 10 seconds



1 red lavatube for $31.49 when you use coupon code: VF

*this is a vendor coupon, we make no commission

Colored ViVi Nova Kits – $9.89

Vivi Nova – Vape the Rainbow!

…its bettervapes


Comes with one complete tank system and three different resistance screw-on replaceable coil heads. Different resistance coil heads allow the tank system to be used with different devices and at different voltages. Fits devices with a 510 connection. 

Box set comes with:
  • 2 – Threaded End Caps
  • 1 – Threaded Plastic Tube and Gaskets
  • 1 – Black Plastic Drip Tip
  • 1 – 2.8Ω Coil Head
  • 1 – 2.4Ω Coil Head
  • 1 – 1.8Ω Coil Head
  • 1 – Gift Box


With coupon code:  FACEBOOKBV

This brings the price of the ViVi Nova tank sets down to $9.89.

*This coupon is vendor supplied, we make no commission.

Ego Vision 1300Mah Spinner – $21.95

The Ego Twist but better…


The people who brought you the Vision Vivi Nova and the Stardust are now making their own version of the Ego Twist.   I do not consider these being a “knock off”, its more of an improvement.  Vision is a reputable company trying to make a dent in the VV ego style market.

So whats the improvement?

The battery life is almost 30% more hen the largest ego twist.  The other nice improvement is visual.  The voltage levels are clearly marked on the side of the battery – making it much easier to dial in your voltage without squinting.

Every review so far I have seen has been positive.   I have looked around the vendorsphere most are selling the 900mah version for $25.00.  This is the 1300mah version going for 21.95.



1 vision spinner available in 4 different colors for $21.95

Video review of the spinner.

Smoktech ZMAX – Chrome – $107.00

…its madvapes!

Madvapes is running a 10% off sale and it brings their Zmax down to $107.00.   So far this is the lowest price I have seen.  Madvapes model also seems to have extra slots cut for better venting.  I am unsure if that’s just for Madvapes or a new version of the Zmax.  

Vivi Nova Tank – $10.40

Another from Little Shop of Vapors



This website has been putting out some good deals over the last few days and here is another.   Full Vivi Nova kit for just $10.40 after using the 20% coupon code.  There are a bunch of other deals there, so snoop around.



Coupon Code: GET WELL for 20% off your entire order.
Which brings the cost of the tank down to $10.40 

Get a Smoktech Vmax – $62.99

Lowest I have seen yet!




It is the updated Vmax Variable Voltage Battery MOD V2, which output voltage can be adjusted from 3.0-6.0V volts in 0.1 volt increments. So Vmax can work on most cartomizers or atomizers with 510 threading from 1.25ohm to 3.0ohm. Vmax PCB allows 5 Amperage output limit.

The main feature of the Version 2 is that it can use the eGo style atomizers and cartomizers.



Get a brand new Vmax for $62.99 in your choice of colors!

There may be coupons floating around to get these even cheaper.


Parkesvaping – 30% off Juice!

American juice priced right!

…its parksvaping

An American juice vendor with great prices!   They are currently running a 30% off sale on all their juice.  This applies to the 10ml and above sizes.   

10ml = $3.50
15ml = $5.25
30ml = $10.25
120ml = $35.00



30% OFF ALL JUICE.  Does not apply to 6ml or Flavor of the Day.
Coupon Code:  CONGRATS 

*This coupon was given out by the vendor, we make no commission.

Get a pyrex tank for $19.00

With real end caps.

… its Ibtanked

I have seen a few “cheaper” Pyrex tanks but they suck.   They don’t have real end caps,  they have stoppers which are a PITA.    The tube itself is $5.00 and your choice of end caps for $14.00.  They have a large variety of end caps including 3 different types of metal caps (which are more expensive).

They also have a huge assortment of other Pyrex styles that are more expensive if you need want more style.  The combinations of end caps / tanks are pretty endless.


Clear Tank:
End Caps:


Full Pyrex XL tank set up for $19.00

(UPDATE) The Griffin (DID) – $24.95

Rebuildable Atomizer with Mesh Wick

…its discountvapers

Wow this rebuildable looks nice!  This is a “DID” clone by Discountvapers.   Finally a mass produced rebuildable atomizer that comes ready for mesh wicking!

If this doesnt scream deal – I dont know what does.


Not generally for beginners unless you want to get your feet wet with an easily rebuilable atomizer.  Even if you don’t this is a great item to have to test liquids or get the best vape possible, easy to clean the parts or remove them entirely. This items come ready to vape so even if you have no plans to rebuild this is a nice addition to your vape collection.

Made with Stainless steel and plated Copper/Brass (not sure which yet, I will scrape one soon to find out). All parts are plated so there is no worry about copper or brass contacting your eLiquid.
Can be disassembled and put back together in minutes, very easy to clean, use and rebuild.

16mm Overall Diameter53mm Overall Length assembled (without drip tip)

Comes with
1 fully built Griffin (using ss mesh)
1 spare roll of coil
1 Nice metal drip tip
1 “Gift” tin





Joyetech eGo 650 mah Battery $8.00

We all need an extra ego!

..its littleshopofvapors

The ego battery is a pretty tried and true PV.   Even the most advanced vapers will have a few of these on standby.  They are great as a backup or a main pv.  These are small enough to slip into your pocket and go.  These should last the average vaper a good 5 hours.

These are Genuine Joyetech and for $8.00 you cant beat that price. 



Use coupon code: GET WELL for 20% off the $10.00 price.

32oz – USP – Propylene Glycol – $14.95

Roughly 1000ml container.


This is a good deal on PG.  If your looking to cut your nicotine base or e-juices, now is the time to stock up.  

  • 1 Quart (32 oz.)
  • Propylene Glycol Food Grade USP
  • 100% Pure Propylene Glycol
  • Crystal Clear
  • Made in the USA in Safety Sealed Resealable HDPE Container

This ships free to Amazon prime members or if you send $25.00 or more.

Ego Vision Stardust – $3.45


The king of the Clearomizer at a great price!  
1.8 Mil capacity – LR to SR – 510/Ego Threading
1 Ego Stardust – $3.45.  Shipping is reasonable.



….its myfreedomsmokes


My freedom smokes is running a 20% off sale on all its Unflavored Nic.  
If your looking to refill, now is the time.
Coupon Code: NIC20 for 20% off all Nic Base
This coupon runs until Sept 28th.