September 18, 2012

Classic Black Lavatube – $29.95

A Classic at a good price! 


The classic lavatube at a reasonable price.  We all know what they can and can’t do.   I own 2 of these and they are still going strong.


  • Aluminum body
  • 1- power button
  • 1- voltage up button
  • 1- voltage down button
  • 1- activation button
  • 1- LCD screen, which shows the current voltage the device is set on.
  • 1- 510 threaded connection
  • 1- vented removable end cap w/ spring for battery tension
  • Uses 1- AW IMR High Drain18650 LiMN battery



Get a classic black lavatube for $29.95 – Shipping is only a few $$.
The vendor is great, I have never bought anything defective from them.


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