October 1, 2012

510 passthrough 3-5v – $9.99

… its Ivape.net



I think every vaper should have a pass-through.   God forbid you dont have any batteries handy, you can always plug this into a USB port and get a descent vape.  These are also great for the car.  Just get a USB to Car Charger adapter (get them at the dollar store) and your good to go.   This unit vapes from 3-5 volts depending on which power source you use.  Obviously if your plugging it into the wall your going to get the full 5v.   The standard 3.7v pass-throughs are usually higher then 9.99  – so having this 5v version is a good deal.

For 9.99 w/ a warranty, can you go wrong?

WHERE: https://ivape.net




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