October 4, 2012

Review: Mad Murdock’s Radiator Pluid‎

Id like to start this review by saying im not an anise / liquorice lover at all.  I throw away the black jelly beans on Easter.  

I met up with a few vapors a few days ago and one of them had a tank of Pluid. With all the hype surrounding this juice I wanted to try it.  After trying it – I immediately asked if I could buy some.   We worked out a price, and I secured 20ml of the full flavor.

This juice is marketed differently in the sense there are only 2 versions.

10mg cut version
20mg full version

Thats it, no other nic levels, no ratios. 

Since Im a 18-24mg vaper I thought the full version would be fine for me.  I was wrong.  The flavor is too intense.  I took a 5ml bottle and cut by 50% with my 18mg nic base.   So i turned it into a 18-20mg cut version.  I did not use an atomizer for this vape test.  If you do, that atomizer will be a pluid atomizer forever.  You can’t clean the flavor out of it.

I used an LR 1.7ohm Smoktech Cartomizer on my BAM. 

I have been vaping it since last night and most of today.   The flavor is just incredibly good.  I’m getting an anise / spearmint / citrus flavor. That combo doesn’t sound great does it? IT IS!

Throat hit and vapor production will vary depending on what you use.  With my set up the vapor production was great, and the throat hit was much higher then normal.  I could vape the 10mg and be satisfied.

Its just fantastic.  Its highly addictive and worth 100% of the hype its getting.  I hate hyped things, I hate anise flavors, and I hate jumping on the bandwagon. 

The fact this juice has turned all that on its head made me buy 60ml of it when it went on sale.   This stuff is very hard to get.  This stuff is expensive.  The only redeeming factor about the price is you can cut it in 1/2 and still have a nice vape.  So if you get 30ml, you can make 60ml. 

The two vendors that sell go out of stock within a 1/2 hour of the posted sale.   So get on the email list and try to get some.  Its 100% worth it.

Do I care its green?   No I do not care its green.  A little food coloring is nothing compared to smoking tobacco. 

Pluid isn’t the only crazy green color juice.  Kyptonyte by GoodEjuice (which is completely different and also amazing) has been making Neon Green juice long before Mad Murdock or Pluid.   It amazes me how selective people can be.

Where did I buy mine?


P.S.  I still throw away black jelly beans.


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