October 5, 2012

510 Smoktech Screw Tank 6ml – $9.00

Smoktech’s answer to the ViVi Nova.

…its myvaporstore

This is smoktech’s answer to Visions Vivi nova tank.  This tank is almost double the capacity of the biggest vivi nova tank. 

The 510 Smoktech Screw Tank (S-Tank) is Smoktech’s answer to the Vivi Nova by Vision. The unit is comprised of five pieces threaded and fastened together for a secure lock and easy assembly. The S-Tank is easy to fill and has a replaceable atomizer head. When the atomizer head burns out, simply unscrew one of the end caps, atomizer head and replace with a new atomizer head.

The heads produce excellent flavor, vapor and throat hit. The tube is made of polypropylene making them more resistant to cracking. This tank can hold about 6ml of eLiquid. To fill it, simply unscrew the mouthpiece or end cap and fill to your desired level. No special syringe is needed. As always, avoid getting liquid into the center tube.

Most places are selling these for $12-$13.00 each.  This is a good deal if your looking to try these out.
9.00 when you use coupon code: DZNQ6V
*this coupon is given out by the vendor, we make no commission


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