October 6, 2012

(UPDATE 2) We dont need this right now..

Whats wrong with this picture?

Regardless of your stance on drug legalization, there is a stigma attached to it.   Whether you feel that stigma is do to ignorance doesn’t matter – its reality.   The issues attached to marijuana is not something the vaping community needs right now.  We have our own battles to fight.  Its bad enough some people think my PV is some sort of drug related device.   If our fears about e-cigs being banned or heavily regulated weren’t knocking at the door, this wouldnt bother me so much. 

How does this impact politicians considering e-cig laws?

How does this impact fence sitting tobacco smokers?

If you want to advocate drug legalization, that’s fine. Id just keep it separate.    

Especially from a vendor.

This is just one mans view.  I could be 100% wrong.

WHERE: Vaporheads.net
(graphic has since been taken down)




UPDATE 2: Taken down.  

Good to get out ahead of these things before they explode.
Gary seems to have seen the light on this subject. 



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