October 16, 2012

Epower / Ego 6ml Cartomizers – $1.99

The biggest carto they make!

…its hoosierecig


Here you can see the difference between a “mega 5ml carto” and this 6ml cartomizer.
The one on the top is the same exact thickness as an ego battery, so you get an idea
of how much larger the epower / ego cartomizer is on the bottom.
These cartomizers have been out a while and no one really talks about them. Why? Because they tend to be expensive – around $4-5.00 each.  Why spend that when you can just buy a carto tank for a few dollars more. Right?

..Until now

These are the big brother to the mega XL 5ml smoktech cartomizers. When I mean big, they are HUGE. They are much fatter then an ego battery and longer then the 650mah ego.  The diameter of the cartomizer is the same as a nickle, so yo can get an idea of how fat these are.
These were originally intended to be used with the “epower” 18650 mod, but that mod has been discontinued, but they use a standard 510/ego connection.

There is enough filler in these to soak up your swimming pool. The portability factor on these are off the chart.   They are also almost 2x the capacity of a Vivi Nova and hold more juice then the biggest smoktech tanks.  Best of all they don’t leak like tanks can.

I used these months ago and one lasted me almost 2 days before I needed to refill it.

For $1.99 these things are a STEAL.


1 6ml+ Epower / Ego Cartomizer $1.99


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