October 25, 2012

Buzz Pro + Custom engraving $99.00

The Buzz about the Buzz Pro..

The buzz pro is one of the mods that have been around since the beginning of time.  The Buzz Pro is still a great variable voltage device.  This offer now includes free engraving up to 20 characters.  You can get it in 510,901,808, or 801 connections.

  1. 15 watts maximum power output
  2. Wheel adjustable voltage dial ( like the Infinity ) 
  3. Improved battery life 2 x ‘s avg. , we have a new controller that is MUCH more efficeint. avg. 15 hrs per charge 
  4. New finish ,  blasted finish with no knurling , it will improve the slip factor ! 
  5. Uses same batteries as the original Buzz (16340 type) , and charger so no need to buy new batts etc. , also the top cap will be the same so you can use spares you have from the Original Variable Voltage Buzz.
  6. 3-3 to 5.5 volt adjustment 
  7. New top cap design for a sleeker look.
  8. Over current Protection 
  9. Over temp. protection
  10. Reverse Battery protection  

WHERE: http://www.notcigs.com/


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