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ViVi Nova Replacement Heads 5 for $10.00

… its Vaporheads

Here is a great deal from Vaporheads.  A 5 pack of Vivi Nova replacement heads for just over $10.00.  They are currently running a 20% off sale – now through Halloween.  You have your choice between 1.8-4.0ohms.  Each pack contains the same resistance.  These normally sell from 2.50 – 3.00 each.



With Coupon Code: Halloween you get 20% off your entire order. This brings the cost from $12.95 to $10.36

Joye eGo Battery 650/1000Mah – $9.95/11.95

Classic Battery at a great price!


The classic ego battery.  I still have my first set I ever bought and they are still going strong.  Even your most veteran vapers will have a few of these on stand by.   These are genuine Joyetech batteries.  These use the standard 510/ego connection and have the 5 click on/off function.


650 MAH:


1 Joye Ego 650mah battery – $9.95  1000mah – $11.95

Kanger T3’s Sold out everywhere.. Except..

Kanger T3 madness!

…its vapors-choice

These are starting to get harder and harder to find.  We sell out every vendor we link to.  This is currently the only vendor I know that has them in stock.  I havent seen a rush on a clearomizer like this  since the original stardust.

I have no idea how long they will have them in stock.



1 Kanger T3 –  $6.50


Adjustable Plastic Box for Parts 2 for 9.99

Time to get organized!

…its meritline


Time to get organized!   Great for drip tips, cartomizers, atomizers, small bottles of juice, etc…


    L x W x H: 6.5 x 4.7 x 2.3 inches, 16.7 x 12.1 x 5.8 cm
    6 Compartments
    Saving small parts




2 sets of Containers for 9.99 with free shipping.

Kanger T2 replacement heads – 99 cents!

HOT:  New Lowest Price!

…its vapingme 


I have found a new low price on replacement coils for the Kanger T2.  This vendor is selling them for only 99 cents each.  Pick up some while supplies last. You have a choice of  1.7, 2.2, and 2.4ohms.


Carto Punch Tool: $5.99

One for the carto tank users

…its discountvapers

Here is a great deal on a carto punch.  Those looking for any sort of deal on carto punches had to deal with saddle valves.  Finally one that is small and works well.   I use one similar to these and it never fails me.



1 Carto punch for 5.99

Epower / Ego 6ml Cartomizers – $1.99

The biggest carto they make!

…its hoosierecig


Here you can see the difference between a “mega 5ml carto” and this 6ml cartomizer.
The one on the top is the same exact thickness as an ego battery, so you get an idea
of how much larger the epower / ego cartomizer is on the bottom.
These cartomizers have been out a while and no one really talks about them. Why? Because they tend to be expensive – around $4-5.00 each.  Why spend that when you can just buy a carto tank for a few dollars more. Right?

..Until now

These are the big brother to the mega XL 5ml smoktech cartomizers. When I mean big, they are HUGE. They are much fatter then an ego battery and longer then the 650mah ego.  The diameter of the cartomizer is the same as a nickle, so yo can get an idea of how fat these are.
These were originally intended to be used with the “epower” 18650 mod, but that mod has been discontinued, but they use a standard 510/ego connection.

There is enough filler in these to soak up your swimming pool. The portability factor on these are off the chart.   They are also almost 2x the capacity of a Vivi Nova and hold more juice then the biggest smoktech tanks.  Best of all they don’t leak like tanks can.

I used these months ago and one lasted me almost 2 days before I needed to refill it.

For $1.99 these things are a STEAL.


1 6ml+ Epower / Ego Cartomizer $1.99

Kanger T3 replacement heads – $3.49

Starting to come down in price!

…its stormsvaporcellar



Everyone seems to love the Kanger T3’s.   I have had mine over a week and its just now starting to need a coil change.    The only down fall to this system is how expensive the replacement heads have been.  At $3.49 this vendor is selling these around 30% cheaper then anyone else.


1 replaceable T3 head for $3.49 


Panasonic 2250 mAh 18650 – $7.49

…its Amazon!

Back in Stock as of 10/16


Many people prefer the Panasonic cells over many other types of batteries.  I thought id throw low price post out there for them.


  • Panasonic CGR18650CH cell
  • For building Laptop Battery and portable power device needing high energy density and low weight
  • Cycle Performance: 90% of initial capacity at 400 cycles, Cycle life: > 500 cycles
  • Maximum Discharge: Current = 10A charge Current = 0.5C mA Voltage = 4.2 V
  • End Current = 0.01 mA. End Voltage = 3.0V


Thread on ECF about them:




Lotsofvapor is running a 40% off sale for new customers.  
A 50ml bottle will run a very reasonable 9.00!    

THE DEAL:  40% off with coupon code: LOV  – for new customers only

Kanger T2 heads – 5 for 6.99 free shipping

…its Vaporbeast

Kanger T2’s are one of the best clearomizers in my opinion.  Most vendors are selling the replacement heads for around $1.50 – $2.00 each + shipping.   A single replacement head has lasted me as long as 5 days to a week.

These come in both low resistance and standard.  




5 replaceable heads at standard or low resistance – $6.99 free shipping.

Get a Vmax for 55.92 – Free Shipping!

S&SMODS is running a 20% off sale. Currently they have no coupon system on the site and only use PayPal.   They told me that you need to email them:

[email protected]

In your email tell them what you want.  They will invoice your PayPal account for the adjusted price with the 20% off.

You can find everything they sell here:

6ml Smoktech DCT – 8.99 – Free Shipping

…its vaporbeast

This is a quick solid deal from vaporbeast.  You get the full DCT setup for 8.99 free shipping.  This sale is running through 10/16.

The Dual Coil Tank system includes: 

1 – Tank 
1 – 1.5 ohm Smok Tech dual coil 510 cartomizer 
1 – Clear Drip Tip



8.99 free shipping


Rare coupons require a post.


I get a lot of people asking me for madvapes coupons here and in the forums.  Madvapes rarely gives out coupons, so this is worth a post.  The prices are good, and on certain items – unbeatable.



Code: VAPERCON for 10% off

900Mah Leather Embossed Battery $11.21

Ego Style batteries with Leather Embossed prints!



I have seen plenty of printed ego batteries, but not any with leather embossing.  These have the standard ego connection / 510 and are rated at 900mah. The 25% off coupon brings the cost of these batteries down to $11.21.



Use coupon code: fall25 for 25% off your total order.