November 14, 2012

Its the VariBox – $12.99

3.7v – 5v – 6v handheld for $12.99


The Varibox is a switchable voltage box mod.  It can switch from 3.7v, 5v and 6v.  This means its not a “true” variable voltage mod but honestly, for 19.99 who cares?

The Varibox has a blue led ring around the button when pushed, and 3 light indicators on the back showing which voltage mode its in.


This changeable voltage box mod is designed to offer an affordable option into higher voltage experiences.

The box is switchable between 3.7, 5, and 6V by simply clicking the button 5 times within two seconds (clicking the button 5 times after the 6V setting will turn the box off for storage)

It runs on two 18350 batteries for a long life even at the demand of 6V.



The mod is 12.99 with a reasonable shipping cost of $3.00ish.   Considering a little 3.7v battery box mod is the same price, it makes this a very good deal.



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