November 23, 2012

The Original “Gripper” Mod – $8.23

…another crazy deal from AtomicVapors

THE ORIGINAL GRIPPER The gripper uses a 3.7 V 16340 Li-ion battery and a requires a cartomizer at least 44 mm long, like most of the mega length cartomizers. The carto, when screwed in recesses into the body of the Gripper leaving only the drip tip showing. This design was made so that it could fit neatly in your pocket or easily concealed in your hand making it easy to take with you anywhere. The gripper has a horn switch on top which your thumb is naturally drawn to. The black exterior has a rubberized coating giving The Gripper a good feel in the palm of your hand. Batteries, drip tips and cartomizers that may be shown in pictures are for illustration purposes only and are not included. Gripper Tips: The Gripper with just a Carto installed has a tight draw. To add a lighter draw, add a 510 to 510 shorty extension to the end of the carto, this increase airflow with minimal height added. While the Gripper was originally designed for an 18350 battery, the length of the bottom cap is a bit too long and when using an 18350 battery, the cap cannot be screwed all the way in. A 16340 Battery does not have this problem. It has been noted that some A&W Batteries may fit in the gripper and close completely but this has not been tested by AtomicVapors. Screwing in an atomizer of cartomizer too tightly can cause the Gripper’s 510 connector to spin, rendering the device unusable. Please screw the cartomizer in just until you feel it make contact with the center pin. Although the Gripper is design for use with Mega Cartomizers, atomizers or shorter cartomizers may be used with extensions. Please keep in mind that there is limited access to remove stuck extensions or adapters. Regular 44mm Mega cartos reach right to the top lip of the gripper and may be hard to screw in. Use an added drip tip to make it easier. If you would like to use an atomizer here is the perferred method. Purchase a sealed 510-510 adapter, a LR510 atomizer and a Siam MODS Long Barrel Drip Tip. Never use unprotected Batteries in any Device, including the Gripper!



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