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1/2 PRICE: Vape Safe 2 – $7.99

..its SmartVapes


This is the reuseable version of the original Vape Safe.  This deal is about 50% off the normal price.  If you have a mechanical mod –  get one.

  • Protects against hard shorts in 3.7V single battery devices as well as 6V-7.4V stacked battery devices.
  • Protects batteries during charging
  • Prevents Hot Springs from collapsing
  • Protects variable voltage and other circuitry
  • Reuseable



Sigelei Stainless Zmax Rev 3 KIT – $90.00 FS

…its steammonkey

Here is a great deal on A Sigelei Zmax Kit.    The last deal I had on here for a Sigelei (mod only) blew out the door @ 74.00.   Considering you getting the Stainless Steel model, Two 18650 Batteries, Charger, and Clearomizer – I think its worth the extra $16.00.   This kit also ships free.


This is the Third Iteration of the Zmax from Sigelei. This revision has a new PCB for better tuned voltage and wattage. It also has the new 8th menu option which changes the voltage calculation formula between RMS and Mean as well as the spiffy OLED screen. Ultimately if this means nothing to you, just bump the V or W until it tastes good!

This listing is for a full kit. You’ll get the Zmax itself with the 18650 End cap, 2 18650 batteries, 1 battery charger, a CE5 Atomizer and a nice little gift box! This model also has 510 threading for connecting to the widest variety of accessories and a deep drip well that should allow most “Ego” threaded accessory skirts to fit beside the primary connetor threads.
The Zmax functions in either Variable Voltage (VV) or Power Regulated (PR) modes. In VV mode you can move in 0.1 v increments from 3 to 6 v. In PR mode it will adjust in 0.5w increments between 3 and 15w. The new PCB supports up to 4amp of output.  
The device comes with a user manual for deciphering it’s menu system. You will need it, this thing has a TON of options. 


$90.00 – free shipping

Mrvape – $3.83 per 10ml

…its MrVape

On Cybermonday I ordered a ton of this vendors juice.   His sale was so good I ordered 20 different flavors.  I liked it all.  Some better then others, but all very vape-able.  The best was the Banana Bacco.

Many people who bought from him are having the same reaction. He has caught up with all his sales and has issued a 20% off coupon.   This brings the cost of a 10ml bottle to just $3.83.

If I were you Id give him a try.  Some of the basic flavors are as low as $2.00 for 10ml.  Dont forget to pick a free sample with your order.


Use coupon code patiencepays for 20% off your total order.

Boge F16 Cartomizer Tank – $5.99 FS

…its Surevapes


Here is a great deal on a Boge DCT Cartomizer Tank.  These are built a little better then a Smoktech Tank and also accept a Smoktech Cartomizer.   They hold 5ml juice and come with chrome caps.  The kit comes with the Tank, Cartomizer, and a drip tip.  For 5.99 and free shipping its a steal.  Im vaping on one as we speak…


$5.99 – Free Shipping

EXCLUSIVE: Ego Kit + Pinkspot Juice $22.50

..its Littleshopofvapor

I spoke with the owner of littleshopofvapor. I asked her to put together a great kit, and she didnt disappoint!

A exclusive – A mix of quality batteries, clearos and juice.  This is a kit is great to gift, for a new vapor – or if you looking for a fantastic portable set up for yourself.    The juice alone costs $10.00 on pinkspots website.

(2) Smoktech 650 mah Batteries black
(2) Vision style long wick Clearomizers (Choose Color/Resistance)
(1) eGo USB charger
(1) 12ml bottle of Pink Spot signature e-liquid 

Use coupon code PLAYBOY to bring the total cost of this kit down to $22.50
*coupon was given to me by the vendor and is not an affiliate code
This is a 1 time use coupon – Limit of 2 per order. 


Mtbakervapor – 15ml – $4.49

Mtbakervapor is running a 10% off juice sale.   With their juice already incredibility low priced, this makes it a must buy.   If your looking to stock up on some juice id suggest the Tobacco, Hazelnut Tobacco, Root-beer Float, Twilight, Solar Flare, Ecto Cooler, Thug Juice, and Coconutto name a few.  I buy these on a regular basis but of course taste is subjective.

15ml are just 4.49 and 50ml are under $10.00
They also have a great build your own juice section.



Use coupon code vaporfrombaker for 10% off your total juice order.

Bauway CE4 650mAh Kit w/ Extras – $19.99

Great for a gift or newbies!

….its Smartvapes

Here is a fantastic deal for the new vaper.   Hell its a great deal if you want a portable set up!

  • 1 x 650mAh eGo battery
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Charger Wall Mount
  • 1 x Bauway LR CE4 Clearomizer
  • 1 x bottle of 18mg E Liquid
  • 1 x eGo carry case
  • Bonus needle point empty ejuice bottle for refilling clearomizer!

For 19.99 this kit is one of the most reasonable going.



6 HOURS: BombVapor – 30% Off

…its BombVapor

Bombvapor is running a 30% off sale on all juice (including bulk) and gift certificates!  If you haven’t tried their juice yet – you should.  CherryBomb is fantastic!

Sale ends Midnight CST.



Use coupon code: jeanniek to get 30% off


Ovale V8 Incremental VV – $29.99

..its Discountvapers

It has a native 510 connector which will allow any standard 510 to screw on
Comes with an 510 to eGo adapter free
Variable voltage 3v-6v ovale V8
LED and LCD display show voltage selection 
Variable voltage from 3.0v-6.0v one step 0.1v
Takes 2 18350 Batteries (not included) 

1. “+” button, on press you can increase the voltage from 3v-6v, when you reach 6 v it starts back at 6v
2. “-” button, on press you can decrease the voltage from 6v-3v, when you reach 3v it starts back at 6v
3. LCD screen shows the working voltage when power button is depressed and variable voltage selection when “+” or “-” is pressed
4. click on and off.



Smoktech 5ml DCT Kit – $5.99

…its SmartVapes

Here is a great deal on a Smoktech DCT.  These come with the tank, cartomizer, and drip tip. These are normally priced at $8.99-$10+
Everyone can use an extra DCT!  Good Stocking stuffer too!


ShortStop by Holocron Labs – $8.95


Here is a great deal on a reusable PV fuse.  Keep your PV safe with this little insurance policy.  These usually go $15.00+
The Holocron Labs ShortStop is a wonderful product that helps you mitigate the dangers of using high powered lithium-ion/lithium polymer batteries in your device by preventing hard or dead shorts between your battery and what that battery is powering.  This helps to prevent the battery ever getting hot enough to vent or catch fire. It works by watching how much current flows through it and when it notices a large amount of current, it springs into action and slows down the flow, preventing a hard short of the battery.  The best analogy we can draw is that of a cars seat belt.  It’s loose and flexible until your car is involved in a crash, and then it locks down when you need it.  The best part about ShortStop is that it is reusable.  After ShortStop does its job, it simply needs a short cool down period before it is ready to use again. 

ShortStop will fit in most devices using 18mm or larger cells ( 26650, 18650, 18500, etc.. ), because it is slightly smaller in diameter at approximately 17mm and only about 3mm thin.  ShortStop has no polarity, meaning it works in any orientation and on either side of the battery.  You can use ShortStop in multi-cell or ‘stacked’ configurations, so long as the sum of voltages  of all of the cells in the series are less than or equal to 12 volts DC.  ShortStop can be used with protected cells, and doing so will give you the peace of mind knowing that ShortStop will act at approximately 5 Amperes, providing a large flexibility in atomizer/cartomizer type and resistance.  Bottom line, if it fits, it works and keeps working!  Please make sure you read and understand all of the instructions and precautions included with your ShortStop before using. 


ViVi Nova Neptune – $11.69


Here is a great deal on the ViVi Nova Neptune.  These bridge the gap between the normal vivi nova and the aluminum tube replacement.  Nice little stocking stuffer!


These beautiful Vivi Nova’s not only look gorgeous, they perform well to boot! These come ready to vape at 2.4ohm +- .2 with replaceable coil heads available in 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, and 2.8ohm. Available in colors made to match our ego kits: Blue, Red, Purple, and Silver(Chrome). These work nicely on just about any setup. We recommend going with the 1.8ohm for a standard 3.7v e-cigarette battery (such as a standard ego). 2.4 ohm would be ideal for use on our eGo Twist Kits, and 2.8ohm would be the place to start for higher end variable voltage devices such as Provari’s or ZMax’s.  



Use coupon code MERRYCHRISTMAS to bring the cost down $11.69

QUICK SALE: Black Bolt PV – $14.95

..its Ivape

Here is a quick sale from   The black bolt by Smoktech has been around a while and its a solid 3.7v device.  It uses an 18500 battery and is a geat starter mod or for an extra PV.  For $14.95 its a steal.   His stock is low so I have no idea how long this will last.

These are the version 1 (metal construction), not the plastic ones.




VaporJoe @ VPLive Tonight 9:00pm EST

….its The Jeanniek Show

My frugal minions!

Tonight I will be the guest of JeannieK on her VpLive show.  Her show starts at 9:00pm EST and I should be on around 10 minutes after the show starts.  We will be talking about the ins and the outs of

So come check it out!

 9:00pm EST

Panasonic CGR18650CH 18650 Battery $6.99

..its SmartVapes


Here is a great deal on a great battery.  This Panasonic 18650 battery is a hybrid battery that takes all the positives of the ICR and IMR and puts them into one.  Many have made the claim that these are better then AW IMR batteries, and I agree with them.   During a great sale these are 7.99, so at 6.99 they are steal! 

What is a Hybrid Battery?

Panasonic has developed a new Solid Solution technology by mixing the high capacity characteristics of the Li-ion chemistry [cobalt based] cells, and high safety of the LiMn2O4 [manganese based] Lithium based batteries.