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BACK IN STOCK: 510 Atomizers – 94 cents!

…its Gloryvapes


Here is a great deal on 510 atomizers.  These are running from 2.0-2.4 ohms.   I have yet to see 510 atomizers at this price, id stock up while you can!




Use coupon Code vaporjoe to get 6.5% off your order which
brings your total down to 94 cents.  Please note this is not
an affiliate code, just a coupon they gave me.


Kanger T3 Heads – $2.00 each

….its Constantvapor

Finally a great deal on some Kanger T3 heads.  Most places sell these for $3-4.00 each – ConstantVapor has them for $2.00 with their coupon.  If you havent already tried the Kanger T3 clearomizer, you should.  They are the best clearomizer in my opinion.



Use coupon code holiday20 to bring the total down to $2.00

Ego Twist Style Battery – $14.96

…its Gloryvapes

Gloryvapes is running a great deal on ego twist style batteries.  These are the 650mah version and should last you a good 5-6 hours of vape time. 


Easy, quick, and ready to go power!
It is also great because sometimes you cannot tell how great a juice really is until you hit some higher volts!
Voltage goes from 3.2V — 4.8V by simply twisting the end cap.
3 Preset volts are marked for convenience: 3.2V, 4.0V, and 4.8V.
Use the presets for quick vaping or set anywhere in between in increments of 0.1V to customize it for your specific juice or atomizer!

Warrantied for 30 days.



Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost of this item down to $14.96. 

*this is not an affiliate code – just a coupon exclusive to

ViVi Nova Style Tank – $5.99

..its Vaportekusa

Vaportekusa is running a great sale on ViVi Nova style tanks.  Your getting the tank, drip tip and 3 replacement heads for $5.99.  For that price I’m sure these aren’t made by Vision – but they are cheap enough for me to want to give them a shout out. 


SLASHED: The L-Rider Transformer $68.95

..its Discountvapers

Telescoping Transformer VV Mod – Chrome (Body Only)

Adjust Vaping Air Flow, Check atomizer Resistance, change voltages and use a variety of batteries!  This unit does it all. 

The Telescoping Transformer accepts All 510 and eGo threaded atomizers, clearomizers, cartomizers, vivi nova tanks, Map Tanks, J-Tanks, CE4, CE5 and all ohm ratings from 1.0ohm to 5.0ohms. With the Telescoping Transformer VV Mod you can use a variety of different size batteries from 18350, 18500 to 18650 Protected or Unprotected

The Telescoping Transformer VV Mod is packed with Features:
Aluminum body

  • power button
  • voltage up button
  • voltage down button
  • activation button
  • LCD screen, which shows the current voltage the device is set on.
  • 510 threaded and Joye Ego Atomizer compatible *NEW*!
  • vented removable end cap w/ spring for battery tension

Tech Specs:
Selectable voltage from 3.0V~6.0V in 0.1V increments

Telescoping Transformer VV Mod Body Unit Dimensions: 5.15″L x 0.86″D

Air flow controller, just spin the top for more or les airflow!:The top of the unit has a free spinning ring that opens or closes 5 air holes allowing you to control how much air goes to your cartomizer

Side Power Button:
This button makes it much easier to hold and fire your PV and will not get stuck in the on position like other PV’s, it also prevents desk roll around 🙂 
Resistance Check *NEW*:
Push the large activation button 5 times and the LCD will display the resistance of the attached atomizer or cartomizer.
Low Resistance Atomizers *NEW*:
The Telescoping Transformer VV Mod will work with atomizer of 1.0 ohm or higher.
Ego Compatible *NEW*:
The Telescoping Transformer VV Mod is compatible with Joye Ego Series Atomizers without the use of an adapter. Ego CE4 Plus will also fit.
Spring Loaded Center Post *NEW*:
Shake the unit and it may rattle. Don’t be alarmed. This faint noise is due to the newly designed spring loaded center post (seen here). This new center post will preventing “post-pulling” and other related contact issues.
Power on/Off Button: 
hold the button down for 5 seconds to turn the device on, hold the button again for 5 seconds to turn the device off.
+ Button: On press, increases voltage by 0.1V increments between 3.0V~6.0V.– Button: On press, decreases voltage by 0.1V increments between 3.0V~6.0V.+ and – Button: Press and hold both buttons for five second to disable the + and – button, locking the device on the voltage it is currently set at.Regulated output:
Keeps the voltage the same with each puff regardless of the remaining battery power. As the battery drains, the device will keep the voltage consistent.
10 Second Cutoff timer:
If the activation button is held down for 10 seconds or longer, the Telescoping Transformer VV Mod will shut itself off until the button is released. To prevent overheating the atomizer and the device.
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection:
The Telescoping Transformer VV Mod can recognize an atomizer with too low of a resistance for the current voltage setting and will drop the voltage to 3.7V to protect both the battery and atomizer. If the atomizer is too low or shorted out it will shut off power to the device to protect the Telescoping Transformer VV Mod from being damaged.
Reverse Battery Protection: 
Protects the device in case you put the battery in the device backwards
Battery Monitoring/Over-Discharge Protection:
The device will monitor the battery voltage and automatically turn off when the battery is discharged, preventing damage to the battery by overly depleting it.
Battery Voltage Meter:
The Telescoping Transformer VV Mod has a voltage meter built in, simply press the red power button 6 times and it will display the voltage of the battery for a few seconds. This way you can monitor the power left in the battery before it needs to be recharged. 18650 batteries provide 4.2V at peak charge and over the life of the battery that voltage will decrease to about 3.3V level before needing to be recharged.  This will help you monitor the life cycle of the battery. The LCD screen will flash when the battery needs to be recharged, and will stop powering the device.
Amperage Limiting to 2.5 amps: 
The device should monitor and shut itself off if it detects any excessive over-current conditions.

Vent hole on the bottom of the device for added safety



Trustfire multi-functional charger – $7.99

…its Naturevaper

A few entries ago I talked about Naturevapers 1 year sale.    This little gem got lost in the mix and I wanted to make sure everyone got to see it.   This is a trust-fire Multifunction charger at a really great price.  These charge everything from an 18650 down to a 10440.  The cheapest I have seen these were $9.99 on some rare occasions, so this is a really great deal.  I have 3 of these to charge up all my mod batteries and they havent let me down.




Kanger Horizontal Cartomizers $6.99 FS

…its Vaporbeast

There is a good deal on the Kanger Horizontal Cartomizers.  They are good cartomizers but many people are taking out the filler to turn it into a dripping atomizer.  The coil runs horizontal so it works just like any atomizer would.

I have tried it, works pretty damn good.    For 6.99 and free shipping – its a great deal.  Pick up a pack and try them out.




CE4 Stardust Clearomizers – $1.22 each!

…its GloryVapes

Gloryvapes is running a great deal on Stardusts!  $1.22 each.    They will sell out quickly.

The checkout system is strange.  The way to get them all at the same price is to Add 1 to your cart, back out and add it again.  Keep doing it until your desired amount is met.

I believe only black is left in stock..


Also some CE5’s here for $1.49

$1.22 each with coupon code vaporjoe (6.5% Discount)
*Note this coupon IS NOT an affiliate code.

NatureVaper – 1 year Sale – Take 2

Naturevaper is running a 1 year anniversary sale.  Michael and I were going over the sale last night in skype and its pretty large.

I picked out a few of the best deals and linked directly to them.  Be sure to check out the rest of the sales on the site.

Vision Clearomizers $3.00 –  CLICK HERE

Vision 3.5ml Clearomizers $3.00 – CLICK HERE

Smok Dual MEga Ego Cartomizers – $2.00 – CLICK HERE

Carto Punch – $5.00 – CLICK HERE

Joye 18650 Tube mod – $17.17 – CLICK HERE

18650 Batteries- $3.75 – CLICK HERE

TrustFire Charger – $7.99 – CLICK HERE 

NEW: Automatic Diablo e-Pipe

…its Madvapes

Diablo e-Pipes

This is an awesome e-Pipe made right here at MadVapes!  It is carved out of acrylic on our CNC machines and then outfitted with an auto switch for button free vaping.  The curves of the pipe really bring out the detail in the acrylic.  It is polished to a high shine and has a red LED under a molded piece of translucent acrylic that is lightly finished with black paint that closely resembles ignited pipe embers.

The Diablo is designed for a 3.7V 18500 protected Li-ion battery which will last all day.  The auto switch has a red LED when vaping but has a blue LED that flashes when you first install a battery, when the battery is low or if there is a short detected at the connector.
These look and work great with 510 tanks like the Artemas or the Artemas Slim (shown).
Price is for 1 Diablo e-Pipe.  Artemas Slim, batteries or other accessories that may be shown in the pictures are sold separately.  Colors and patterns vary on acrylic mods as they are custom made.


Pheonix Rebuildable w/ extras – $12.95

…its Litecigusa

Here is a deal on a Phoenix rebuildable.  Not only do you get the atomizer but your getting a screwdriver and 6 premade coils.   All you need to get going.

     1 x Phoenix 510 atomizer base
     1 x Atomizer body/cone
     1 x 510 Driptip
     1 x Mini screwdriver for replacing coil/wick assembly
     1 x Preinstalled wick/coil assembly “2.1-2.4ohm”
     5 x Prewound coil/wick assemblies “2.1-2.4ohm”



Smoktech Telescopic Mod – $34.19

…its HooiserEcig

I have only seen these cheaper during Cyber Monday.  For an everyday low price this is a great deal and the lowest I have seen for a none holiday sale.  


The Vented Telescope Adjustable Tube Mod, Chrome
This mod has a bottom mounted mechanical switch with a collar that can be screwed down to lock the switch so it can be carried in your pocket or purse without fear of inadvertant firing.  Multiple Vent holes surround Telescope for added protection. 
The Telescope can use flat top Li-ion or IMR batteries in varying sizes including 16340,18350,18650 Li-ion and IMR (NOTE: the Trustfire 3,000mAh batteries that we carry do not fit well in the telescope. The red flat top IMR is the only 18650 battery that we carry at this time that fits.).  It is made of metal with polished Chrome to give it a great  finished look.
In addition, The Telescope has a native eGo style connector that allows you to use both 510 and ego style cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks, and atomizers. The eGo style connector does not have outside threads but typical eGo style parts fit flush down into the recess that is around the connector.  510 Tanks and other a similar 510 items will screw on flush with the top.

Max open length, end to end is approximately 5 inches. Min length is about 3.5 inches




Use coupon code 5off to bring the cost of this item down to $34.19

KANGER T3 – 5 FOR $24.95

…its Holismokes

Back in Stock!

Here is another Kanger T3 deal.  This is officially the lowest priced T3’s I can find @ 4.99 each.  These are fast becoming the most popular clearomizer, and with good reason. 



5 Kanger T3’s for 24.95

Halocigs – 20% Off Liquid

….its Halocigs

Halo is running  20% off sale on all their juice.  They are also running a 50% off sale on their Element Kits.    I dont normally post simple coupon sales but Halo is very popular – so enjoy..



Use coupon code HALOGIFT to get 20% off all liquids.  The 50% off sale is automatic and doesn’t require a coupon.

All Boge Cartomizers – $4.00 a box

….its VaporsChoice

Vapors Choice is doing a 20% off customer appreciation sale.  During this sale all Boge cartomizers come down to $4.00 a box.   They have all styles in LR and SR.  I checked the shipping on 10 boxes – it was just $2.45.



Use coupon code APP20 to get bring the cost of these items down to $4.00