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SmokTech XL 1.7ohm (3 box deal) – $19.99

15 Resorectors $19.99 Free Shipping.


Since Boge-gate I have been getting into Smoktech a lot more.   I found this deal, and its the cheapest going.  This deal works out to about $6.67 per box.  Most vendors are selling these from $8-$11.00 per box + shipping.

These are single coil 1.7ohm cartomizers (extra long).  These can also fit the smoktech DCT tanks, but keep in mind they don’t have the flange on the bottom.    These sizzle nicely even on an ego battery.



3 boxes (15 cartomizers) – $19.99 – free shipping. 

(UPDATE 2) We dont need this right now..

Whats wrong with this picture?

Regardless of your stance on drug legalization, there is a stigma attached to it.   Whether you feel that stigma is do to ignorance doesn’t matter – its reality.   The issues attached to marijuana is not something the vaping community needs right now.  We have our own battles to fight.  Its bad enough some people think my PV is some sort of drug related device.   If our fears about e-cigs being banned or heavily regulated weren’t knocking at the door, this wouldnt bother me so much. 

How does this impact politicians considering e-cig laws?

How does this impact fence sitting tobacco smokers?

If you want to advocate drug legalization, that’s fine. Id just keep it separate.    

Especially from a vendor.

This is just one mans view.  I could be 100% wrong.

(graphic has since been taken down)




UPDATE 2: Taken down.  

Good to get out ahead of these things before they explode.
Gary seems to have seen the light on this subject. 


Plume Room: 20% OFF


A new juice vendor has come on the scene.  I have heard a lot of great things about their juice.  Along with good juice they offer you a range of different bottles.   



20% off all ejuice, no coupon needed.

40% all custom mods – Check it!

… its Maximumvapors

MaximumVapors is running 40% off store-wide sale.   They build custom box mods that start at $39.00 – after the coupon.     Some of these look pretty outstanding..


Use coupon code: supersale for 40% off your total order.

*this coupon is from the vendor, we make no commission.

(Update) Kanger T3’s are here!

…. its  Stormysvaporcellar


I got my T3s today.  They are by far the heaviest and well constructed Clearomizer I have ever used. So far no dry hits or wicking issues.  I want to wait a full day before posting a full review. is now has the lowest price for these @ 5.99


The new eGo bottom coil clearomizer tank system from Kanger, the T3 2.4ml Tank System, with replaceable atomizer heads. The Kanger eGo T3 is designed to work very with the very popular EgO series of batteries. The T3 has a large 2.4ml tank capacity, and replaceable atomizer heads. The Kanger T3 is EgO threaded to work with most EgO style batteries. These work very well on all the EgO series batteries, especially the EgO-C Twist batteries. The coil being at the bottom of the tank, provides a nice warm vapor, with a superb clean flavor, and eliminates wicking problems.

To fill the T3 unscrew the bottom coil.  Hold the tank upside down and fill with approximately 2.4ml of liquid.  While it is still upside down screw the bottom back on the clearomizer.  The T3 is now ready for use.

The T3 has a very nice smooth draw, not stiff like some clearomizers.
The T3 EgO Clearomizer comes complete with :
1 x 2.4ml Tank Assembly with attached Mouthpiece.
1 x Atomizer head @ 2.4ohm ” These will vary +/- .2ohm sometimes.



510 Smoktech Screw Tank 6ml – $9.00

Smoktech’s answer to the ViVi Nova.

…its myvaporstore

This is smoktech’s answer to Visions Vivi nova tank.  This tank is almost double the capacity of the biggest vivi nova tank. 

The 510 Smoktech Screw Tank (S-Tank) is Smoktech’s answer to the Vivi Nova by Vision. The unit is comprised of five pieces threaded and fastened together for a secure lock and easy assembly. The S-Tank is easy to fill and has a replaceable atomizer head. When the atomizer head burns out, simply unscrew one of the end caps, atomizer head and replace with a new atomizer head.

The heads produce excellent flavor, vapor and throat hit. The tube is made of polypropylene making them more resistant to cracking. This tank can hold about 6ml of eLiquid. To fill it, simply unscrew the mouthpiece or end cap and fill to your desired level. No special syringe is needed. As always, avoid getting liquid into the center tube.

Most places are selling these for $12-$13.00 each.  This is a good deal if your looking to try these out.
9.00 when you use coupon code: DZNQ6V
*this coupon is given out by the vendor, we make no commission

Mesh Users: Micro Torch – $8.99

Mesh users – here’s one for you. 

… its harborfreight

For all the mesh users out there, this is a great deal!
This butane torch is ideal for any craftsman or hobbyist working with minor metal welding projects! The handy micro torch allows you to have a candle-like flame or narrow it to a pinpoint flame up to 2,000 degrees F and handle a variety of tasks! Features include a simple push button ignition that let’s you light up and get to work quickly, making this a perfect butane torch for the home hobbyist doing minor welds on metal shelves, bikes and other projects in the garage!
  • Micro torch directs a pinpoint flame of 2000 degrees F
  • Running time: 35 minutes
  • Push button ignition
  • Ceramic tip
  • Runs on butane 


Super 510-T Kit, Chrome – $29.95

… its Madvapes!

This is a great kit. The Super 510-T batteries are rated for 450mah and have nice metal clicky button along with a rubberized black finish. The Super 510-T uses a tank style atomizer and cartridge with each tank holding about 20 drops of e-liquid or approximately 1 ml. The Super 510-T batteries can also be used as a passthrough while charging through the connector on the bottom of the volt battery. There are rubber sleeves that can be used to cap your cartridge if you prefer a softer feel on the whistle tip tank. The LED on the Super 510-T is a light blue/white ring near the button. The assembled Volt length is 158mm with an approximate diameter of 11mm. The volt uses a 510 type connector but is larger in diameter than a standard 510 battery. Cartomizers or atomizers Below 2.0 ohms are not recommended. When using a new cartridge, puncture the filling hole by placing it in the atomizer and pushing down firmly. Twisting a little bit may make it easier. Use the needle drip tip on the 5 mL bottle to fill the cartridge through the hole in the bottom of the cartridge.

Each Super 510-T Kit includes:
2 – 3.7 Volt, 450mAh Black Super 510-T Batteries
2 – 2.5 Ohm Super 510-T Atomizers
5 – Refillable Tank Cartridges with rubber protective sleeves
1 – USB Charger
1 – AC to USB Adapter



Vixen Vapors – 30ml – $3.49!


Vixen Vapors is running a crazy sale.  $3.49 for their 30ml liquids.  These liquids are being moved out to make way for new flavors.   Supplies are limited, so grab it while you can!   There are some odd flavors like Dill Pickle and Jalapeno – good to bring to vape meets 😉



$3.49 for 30ml of e-juice!

Review: Mad Murdock’s Radiator Pluid‎

Id like to start this review by saying im not an anise / liquorice lover at all.  I throw away the black jelly beans on Easter.  

I met up with a few vapors a few days ago and one of them had a tank of Pluid. With all the hype surrounding this juice I wanted to try it.  After trying it – I immediately asked if I could buy some.   We worked out a price, and I secured 20ml of the full flavor.

This juice is marketed differently in the sense there are only 2 versions.

10mg cut version
20mg full version

Thats it, no other nic levels, no ratios. 

Since Im a 18-24mg vaper I thought the full version would be fine for me.  I was wrong.  The flavor is too intense.  I took a 5ml bottle and cut by 50% with my 18mg nic base.   So i turned it into a 18-20mg cut version.  I did not use an atomizer for this vape test.  If you do, that atomizer will be a pluid atomizer forever.  You can’t clean the flavor out of it.

I used an LR 1.7ohm Smoktech Cartomizer on my BAM. 

I have been vaping it since last night and most of today.   The flavor is just incredibly good.  I’m getting an anise / spearmint / citrus flavor. That combo doesn’t sound great does it? IT IS!

Throat hit and vapor production will vary depending on what you use.  With my set up the vapor production was great, and the throat hit was much higher then normal.  I could vape the 10mg and be satisfied.

Its just fantastic.  Its highly addictive and worth 100% of the hype its getting.  I hate hyped things, I hate anise flavors, and I hate jumping on the bandwagon. 

The fact this juice has turned all that on its head made me buy 60ml of it when it went on sale.   This stuff is very hard to get.  This stuff is expensive.  The only redeeming factor about the price is you can cut it in 1/2 and still have a nice vape.  So if you get 30ml, you can make 60ml. 

The two vendors that sell go out of stock within a 1/2 hour of the posted sale.   So get on the email list and try to get some.  Its 100% worth it.

Do I care its green?   No I do not care its green.  A little food coloring is nothing compared to smoking tobacco. 

Pluid isn’t the only crazy green color juice.  Kyptonyte by GoodEjuice (which is completely different and also amazing) has been making Neon Green juice long before Mad Murdock or Pluid.   It amazes me how selective people can be.

Where did I buy mine? 

P.S.  I still throw away black jelly beans.

1 DAY – High Desert – 50% OFF Juice


…its High Desert Vapes



High Desert Vapes is running a 50% sale until Midnight.  A 30ml Bottle will run you just 6.49. All of their e-liquids are USA made from USP grade kosher ingredients.



Use coupon code:  FIFTYOFF for 50% off all Liquid.

Thank you Smokie Madd for the tip!

Nice VMAX Kit for $86.99 FS

…its SandSmods

Can you believe vendors are still selling the tube only for $85.00? 

STOP paying absurd prices.. 

Here is a great deal that gives you everything you need.  Its also free shipping.

1 Vmax VV mod in your choice of black or chrome
2 Efest 800Mah 18350 IMR Batteries
1 Xstar Charger
1 Car adapter

The Xstar Chargers alone go for close to $20.00 

WHERE: of the page)


$86.99 for the full kit and free shipping.


Boge Menthol E-Juice – 30ml – $4.49

..its electronic-ash

Im not a big fan of China juice but there are a few I will vape, or use to mix.  The Boge (Dekang) menthol juice is a good mixer.  To me its a bit strong so I use it to give other juices a menthol kick.  If you like strong menthol flavors, you can completely vape this on its own.   They sell has high as 36mg. If your a 18mg vaper like myself and find the flavor is very strong you can cut it with VG and turn it into 100ml of 18mg juice for $7.99.

Its a nice deal @ 4.49 for 30ml and 50ml @ 7.99.


Boge XL Cartomizer – 5 PK – $4.99

Black, Stainless, Pre-Punched!

…its Vaporheads

These are the XL model.  They are longer than standard boge cartomizers. They have black, stainless steel, pre-punched stainless.  All versions come in  both Standard and Low Resistance.  These are single coil.   

At 4.99 this is the lowest price I have ever seen.



1 box of Boge XL Cartomizers $4.99


1 DAY – 510 rechargeable Battery – $3.00


 … its littleshopofvapors

Real quick update. is running a deal of the day on 510 manual rechargeable batteries.  If you like the cigarette form factor, or want to put together a small kit for a new vaper – get a couple of these.  They are made by Smoktech.   These are 180mah so you will get about 1 1/2 hours out of it.   



If you dont already have a charger try this super cheap one HERE