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Innokin Dual Coil Clearos in stock!

@a good price!

..another from vapervenue

These look like normal clearomizers right? They arent.   They first came out with the Innokin Itaste as part of the kit.  These are Dual Coil Clearomizers with 2 coils and 4 wicks.  These are the first dc clearmoizers I have seen.

It was a bit of tease only getting two with the kit and not being able to buy any.   Now this vendor has them in stock.  They have both the clearomizer and the replacement heads.

These work very well and hit nice. 


Clearomizers $3.99:

Replacement Heads $7.99 for 5 : 

Itaste MVP + 15ml of Juice – $59.95

..its vapervenue

CJ VapingMonkey launched his new site a few days ago and he has a good deal on the Innokin iTaste MVP.  You will get the complete kit + a 15ml bottle of his e-liquid for 59.95.  

A 15ml bottle of his e-liquid sells for $12.00.  This brings the cost of the MVP down to $47.00 if you planned to try one of his liquids.

I have had an MVP now for about a week. Its built very well and the battery lasts me a few days.  I have charged it 3 times in 7 days with pretty heavy use.

Quick Details:

Size: 41 x 22 x 107 mm Battery Capacity: 2600 MAH
Operating Voltage: 3.3-5.0 volts Charging Time: 3.5H-5.5 hours
Colors: Black, Blue, Silver

Main Features:

  • Innokin iTaste MVP is a long-lasting variable voltage VV box mod featuring a 2600 MAH battery.
  • Myriad compatible (thread fits CE4,CE5 ,eGo, VIVI NOVA and 510)
  • Operating volt adjustable (3.3 – 5.0 Volts in .1 volt increments)
  • Puffer counter
  • Polymer lithiom-ion rechargeable battery
  • Portable power source for various electronic devices
  • Long lasting 2600 MAH battery
  • Battery capacity display
  • ON/OFF safety switch
  • Passthrough
  • Standard Micro & 2.0 USB Socket
  • Short circuit /atomizer protection
  • Over-discharge protection

iTaste MVP Variable Voltage Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1x iTaste MVP VV Device
  • 2x Dual coil XL Clearomizers
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Transparent carrying case



At checkout in the instruction/notes area –  put in which juice you want.  If you spend $50.00 or more you get 15ml.  If you spend $100.00 you get 30ml for free

5 Joyetech Atomizers – $9.95


Here is an incredible deal on JoyeTech atomizers.  

1 Box (5 atomizers) $9.95
If you order just 1 box the shipping will be $5.00
If you order 2 boxes the shipping is FREE!

So 10 atomizers will be $19.90 .. free shipping.



NEW MOD: eVic new Joyetech Mod

$139.00 is the price tag for the USA

To me it looks like a cool Variable Voltage / Wattage Mod and uses a usb port and software.  The display looks a lot like the new Niki Sports watches.  The best thing coming from this is the software patch ability.  Companies can now issue software updates rather then building new mods.  So a hotfix for voltage problems, etc – will be as simple as a download.  No more buying verison 1, 2, etc.. unless its a hardware issue / upgrade.

UPDATE (4:00pm)  Spoke with Joe over @  He said he might have it in 2-3 weeks.  Joy wants them to price it near 104.00 –  So I figure 80-90 bucks with a coupon.

Smoktech 510 LR / SR Atomizers – $3.85

..its littleshopofvapors

Its usually pretty hard to get a name brand atomizer under $5.00.   These smoktech atomizers work very well and come in 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 ohm. 

For $3.85 – its a great deal!


1.5 Ohm:

2.0 Ohm: 

2.5 Ohm:


Use coupon code: 23% to bring the total of these atomizers down to $3.85

The Ego Mini – 7.99

…its Goodprophets

These are great little portable batteries.  I use these all the time when im going out and need to stealth vape.  They last me a good 3 hours of solid vaping.
These are a good deal @ 7.99.


Manual Switch battery with Blue LED
Has newer Jewel style button
and 5-click protection!

This is a mini eGo style battery that is compact!
Operates at 3.7 volts!
Has 10 second safety cut-off




Back to Reality… Post Cyber Deals start.


no surevapes doesnt sell all these cartos.  I just liked the picture!

Its all over.. most of the crazy sales are done.  However, deals continue.   We are getting back to the basics and surevapes is the most reliable and most inexpensive cartomizer merchant outside of China.  Everything ships free. So take that into account when figuring your pricing.  

Most cartomizers are $5.99 a box with free shipping.

5 box and 10 box deals are really good.



AltCig – 50% OFF


Graphic is self explanatory…

Smok 5ml Cartomizers – 99 cents

..its VaporDojo

These are the big cartomizers by Smoktech.  They hold 5ml and are as wide as an ego battery.  Many people love them and they are usually about $3.00 each.  VaporDojo has them for 99 cents.  Load up. I just bought 10.  They are great for portability. Pop it on a twist and and your good to go.


99 cents

(update 9:39pm est) – told 1 per customer


Stainless Steel Zmax V2 – $81.96

…its Vaporkings

Here is a great deal on a Zmax Version 2.  This is the latest version of this Variable Voltage / Wattage Mod.   $81.96 for the stainless steel model is a fantastic price! 


This is the latest version which addresses the RMS or mean voltage calculations.

All of our ZMAX have blue displays.

The ZMAX is compatible with most any 510 threaded atomizer or cartomizer/tank system without the need for adapters. It will also thread eGo-T and eGo-C tank atomizers and our SmokTech eGo Dual Coil Cartomizers (Black and stainless) without an adapter. The clear eGo Dual Coils will require a 510 to eGo adapter.

Utilizing a single 18650 battery it is adjustable from 3 volts to 6 volts in .1 volt increments.

In wattage mode it is adjustable from 3 watts to 15 watts in .5 watt increments. The nice thing about the wattage mode is that you can put virtually any atomizer or cartomizer on the ZMAX, set your wattage, and the ZMAX figures out the needed voltage for you.

A maximum current output of 4 amps ensures that it will work with most any atomizer/cartomizer you can throw at it.

The ZMAX is available in stainless steel or brass alloy with chrome finish.

Includes gift box, user manual and (1) ZMAX device in your choice of color. Photo shows two ZMAX, DCT tank and drip tip. You will only receive ONE ZMAX.

It does -not- come with batteries or a charger. We recommend the AW IMR 18650 orange batteries and the TrustFire single bay 18650 charger (Listed below). We have had hit and miss success using the Grey Panasonic batteries because the ZMAX cap doesn’t want to go over the end of the battery. This is because the outer wrapper makes the diameter larger.

I run my ZMAX at 4 volts and it lasts me a good 14 hours before the battery needs charged.

Additional features:

510 and eGo compatible threading, including eGo-T/eGo-C atomizers, Vision clearomizers, etc
Check atomizer/cartomizer resistance
Check battery remaining power
Low battery indicator
Atomizer/cartomizer short circuit protection

To access the menu system simply press the activation button quickly 3 times, you will then be able to cycle the following menu by pressing the same button:

1. Uu  Adjust Voltage Up

2. Ud  Adjust Voltage Down

3. So  Standby (On/Off)

4. Uc  Check voltage of battery

5. Ds  Various Displays Sub-Menu

   Do  Display atomizer/cartomizer output voltage
   Du  Display battery output voltage
   Dr  Display atomizer/cartomizer resistance

6. LED On/Off

7. Voltage Power

   Po: Constant Power (wattage) operation
   Uo: Constant Voltage operation

8. Change voltage calculation method, RMS or mean calculation

In the event of a fault, the following error codes may appear on your ZMAX device:

LOR – Atomizer/cartomizer resistance is too low

LOU – Battery voltage is too low, replace or charge battery

WSC – Short circuit in faulty atomizer/cartomize



Use coupon code:  CYBER2012 to bring the total cost of this item down to $81.96


Full CE4 Clearo Kit w/ juice – $27.96

 Great Gift Kit!!

…its ViperVape

In my opinion this is the best kit for someone trying to quit smoking.  Its simple and comes with everything you need – including juice.   Simplicity is the key to going from smoking to vapig, and it doesn’t get easier then this kit.  Fill and Vape.

  • 2 CE4 Plus Clearomizers
  • 2 650mAh batteries
  • 1 pc Wall charger
  • 1 pc USB charger
  • 1 10ml bottle of tobacco or menthol E-liquid (please specify in comments section during checkout)

For $27.96 – its a steal.   Great for a new vaper or if you want to get some extra batteries and accessories for yourself.



Use coupon code:  cybermonday  for 30% off which brings the cost of this kit down to $27.96


(Update) MTBAKERVAPOR – 15ML – $3.99

…its Mtbakervapor

Mtbakervapor is currently running a weekend Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale.   The current sale is 20% off everything.  This brings their 15ml bottles of juice down to a meager $3.99.  You can also get a free T-shirt if your spend $25.00 or more.  I buy from them all the time.



Use coupon code:  ejuicesavings for 20% off your total order.
Use coupon code:  freeshirt for a free logo T-shirt for spending over $25

Naturevaper – Multi-Deal Roll out!


Naturevaper is running very good deals all over the site.  Im going to list what I think are the best areas of the site to look at.


Atomizers @ 2.99 – HERE

Genuine Joye Ego Twist Batteries @ 16.99 – HERE

Boge Cartomizers @ 4.29 – HERE

6ml DCT Tanks w/ Carto and Drip Tip @ $4.25 – HERE

All Flavor Art and Home Made Eliquid Marked Down – HERE

510 manual and auto batteries @ $3.50 – HERE

Custom Pyrex Glass Tanks – $17.50

…its Ibtanked

Ok so here is the deal.  I have no idea why anyone would spend $40+ on a Pyrex glass tank when Ibtanked exists.   

Pick your tube ($5.00 for basic clear to 15.00 for the most colorful)
Pick your caps ($12.50 for Acrylic or $15.00 for stainless)

These are great tanks.  They are thick and the caps are made so it leaves more room for the juice.  They have a ton of different styles and will also do custom work.  


Little Shop of Vapors – 23% OFF Everything.

..its littleshopofvapors

Normally I don’t post just coupon codes.  However, littleshopvapors has  good deals on a regular basis so a coupon off everything is rare.   This deal is 23% off storewide.  Its a great site for new vapers or if you looking to get a good deal on a kit for someone or yourself.



Use coupon code 23% to take 23% off your total order.