January 3, 2013

DROP: Full Evic Kit – $78.00 shipped!

…its exhalevapors

I paid $60.00 in a Co-Op so this is a pretty incredible price.  I do not believe these are effected by the recall either.  If you have any questions about that contact the vendor.  


The revolutionary Joye eVic features a new visual operating system and a brilliant and informative user display. The eVic is a variable voltage or variable wattage and can record your vaping history.  It even comes with PC software that will visually graph details from your eVic!  Tell the eVic the mAh of the battery installed and it will estimate how many puffs you have remaining based on the resistance of the atomizer/cartomizer attached and the current wattage or voltage setting.  It truly is the FIRST intelligent electronic cigarette.

The menu driven operating system is controlled by the intelligent jog wheel (much like a mouse wheel, but sideways) below the display.  You simply rotate it to select the function you want and press the activation button like an enter key.

New features or bug fixes in the JoyeTech eVic firmware are as simple as connecting it to your computer and downloading a new firmware file.  Yes, your eVic has upgradeable firmware!

The eVic is compatible with all current 510, eGo, eGo-T or eGo-C style atomizers.  It will also work with many aftermarket products such as Boge cartomizers, SmokTech DCT or U-DCT, Vision Vivi or Mini Vivi Nova and more.

The eVic uses a replaceable 18650 battery cell.  The eVic starter kit comes complete with the eVic device, a 2600mAh lithium ion cell, USB charging cord, USB wall adapter, eVic user manual and software instructions.

In voltage mode the Joye eVic is adjustable from 3.0 volts to 5.0 volts.  In wattage (or power) mode, it’s adjustable from 2.0 watts to 15.0 watts.

This is the most innovative vaping device to hit the market ever.

WHERE: https://www.exhalevapors.com/


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