January 12, 2013

EXTENDED?: Vamo + RBA + 2 Batteries + More $59.00??


…its Vaportekusa

This is a pretty crazy deal with all kinds of goodies!  Its pretty off the hook…

Where do I begin??


1.LCD displaying voltage,power
2.Test resistance function
3.Single,double battery convertible
4.Adjust Volt +/-0.1V

Main Features:
1.Adjust working voltage +/-0.1V from 3V to 6V by pressing button
2.Display the resistance of the atomizer,operate voltage,power
3.Three operating keys, 36 speed power optional
4.Test the actual resistance of atomizer
5.Reverse battery protection
6.Body is separable,working with 2pcs 18350 or 1pc 18350 or 1pc 18650 battery
7.510/EGO thread

Operation and Tips:
1.Keep pressing power button 5 clicks ,it will turn on.When the control panel is switched,keep pressing power button 5 clicks,it will turn off.
2.When the control panel is switched,keep pressing “-” for 3 seconds, the LCD screen display the Remaining voltage.
3.When the control panel is switched,keep pressing “+” for 3 seconds, the LCD screen display the resistance of atomizer.
4.When the control panel is switched, keep pressing “+” and “-” at the same time for 5 seconds,the LCD screen display the working wattage.
5.When the working resistance is under 1.2 ohm, pressing the power button, the LCD screen display Lo-¦¸
6.If using 1pc 18350 battery, when the remaining voltage is under 3.2V,the LCD screen display Lo V;If using 2pcs 18350 batteries, when the remaining voltage is under 6.4V, the LCD screen display Lo V.

1.Battery Capacity:900mAh/1800mAh/2400mAh
2.Battery type:18350/18650
3.Atomizer:CE4/CE6/VIVI NOVA/DID Genesis Atomizer
4.Working Voltage:3.0-6.0V
5.Full Battery keeps:1800Puffs
6.Battery life: 300 times

1.1pcs Device
2.1pcs RBA
3.2pcs Wire
4.1pc  Steel mesh wick
5.1pc 900mAh 18350 battery and 1pc 2400mAh 18650 battery
6.1pcs Wall charger
7.1pc Allen key
8.1pcs Manual
9.1pcs EGO case

WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com

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