January 16, 2013

Adjustable Airflow RBA Corsair – $14.99

…its mountainoakvapors

An low priced RBA with airflow control.  I hear a lot of people telling me about all the holes they had to punch or plug to get the air flow just right on their RBAs.  I think this solves the problem.


The MOV Corsair™ is a new take on our traditional Phoenix style atomizer. Where the V3 has made improvements on accessibility, the Corsair™ introduces an all new concept to the dripping atomizer in an Adjustable Airflow Control. The unit itself comes apart in 3 pieces, each one is a tight pressure fit. There are no threads. This allows the user to align any of the 3 air holes from the top piece, with the 3 holes from the middle piece. You can have one hole open, two holes open, or all 3 holes open which really allows the user to dial in the throat hit and draw of the atomizer. As a bonus, this atomizer also comes with a beautiful Stainless Steel drip tip. A great value, try it today 

WHERE: http://www.mountainoakvapors.com/



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