January 18, 2013


…its SLB

.. its a recall … its engrish
Dear all SLB distributors and  customers  ,

     We are aware of a serious quality issue of Vapros V1 since we officially launched it in January of 2013 .We understand that the current situation is creating concerns ,and we deeply apologize for all the panic and inconvenience  .
We assure customers:
    1.   All the sold Vapros V1 will be recalled and refunded ;
    2.   We have stopped the sales of this item at yesterday and won’t sell until all issues are fixed ;
    3.    We are working on the improvement in the same time .
From the report of quality dept , the reason why the Vapros V1 was auto-firing is because of three defective components from our supplier ,and our quality dept ignored to test this part . Meanwhile ,we are still trying our best to test and check if there are another reasons and the improved Vapros V1 will be properly beta tested by our Europe and US customers . The schedule of improved Vapros V1 launching will be informed to all SLB customers .
     At last ,thanks a lot for supporting  SLB for the long time , also ,we are very grateful all the advices and comments of the items from all the customers .There was some mistakes during the e-cigs development even though we tried very hard to provide you best products  .We will keep trying our best to provide better solutions of smoking to all the vapors .

Thanks for all !

WHERE: http://www.slbsmoking.com


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