January 20, 2013

MLK: Bombvapor 30% OFF

…its Bombvapor

The first MLK sales are starting to emerge and Bombvapor starts off with a 30% off sale on all their juice. 15ml i just $4.89 and 30ml bottle comes down to $9.62 and shipping is free over $25.00. 
If you want to go bulk size –  a 120ml bottle of juice will come down to $27.99 and it ships free!  

As im typing out this deal I have a tank full of their Cherry Bomb which is an amazing blend of Cherry, Lime and Menthol.  Its pretty terrific stuff.  If your a fan of the cherry lime combo you have to try this – its one of the best.

WHERE: http://bombvapor.com/

Use coupon code
MLK to get 30% off your total Ejuice order.


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