January 23, 2013

SNEAK PEEK: The Innokin Itaste SVD MOD

Consider this the Teaser Trailer…

…Its Vaporjoes.com

Say hello to the Innokin iTaste SVD.

Little is known right now other then this will be Innokins first crack at a variable wattage  device. You can see the screen is going to be a red LED system – If you look close you can see its probably still using a 2-3 digit style screen like the MVP.   

If you look at the design it could be telescopic. However, that smaller to larger tube design could also be just for looks.

Much like the MVP –  Innokin will be releasing a new clearomizer with this mod called the “Dual Coil iClear 30“.  Its a dual coil clearomizer tank (3ml) version of its very successful i06 dual coil.

The mod looks sharp!   It works half as good as it looks Ill be buying one. 

The next question is WHEN?  With the Chinese new year approaching – id say sometime in March. 

They could surprise us with an earlier release. China is never one to wait.

Here is more information on the iClear 30 only


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