January 25, 2013

2x Panasonic CGR18650CH 18650’s – $10.03

…its FastTech

Normally I do not pimp things from Hong Kong.  However, this deal is too good to pass up.  This deal is for TWO Panasonic Hybrid batteries with Free shipping.  That comes to just over $5.00 each.  If your like me and buy a lot, it comes down to $9.20 per set.

I bought 100 sets of 2 so I’m in balls deep on this deal.

They only accept PayPal.  That is a good thing because if the shipper does not ship authentic batteries you can file a case and get your $$ back.

The site says the warranty these for 6 months, with a 30 day return policy.

In my opinion the Panasonic CGR18650CH is the best battery on the market for mods.

WHERE: https://www.fasttech.com/

$10.02 for 2!


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