February 4, 2013

Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer V3 – $6.84

..its Smartvapes

Here is a great deal on a rebuildable atomizer.   For $6.84 each you should jump them as soon as possible.  A rebuildable atomizer at the cost of a disposable.


Inspired by the best! This is a new version of the Phoenix Style rebuildable atomizer. The V3 Phoenix is different in a few ways. Most notably is that it can be taken apart in 3 pieces for ease of access. The posts and how the coil connects to the posts have also been re-designed. Aesthetically this atomizer is a beauty, and the performance won’t let you down either! Made with Stainless Steel & Chrome Plated Copper. This is only for the most experienced user as it requires a fair bit of technical aptitude and patience making the coils or fitting them.

 Please use care when attempting to adjust the position of the posts, too much pressure can squeeze the post close so that it will not accept the screw, too much leverage and you can snap the posts. Please keep in mind this product is not covered under any warranty.

Please note the screws are very small (eye glass screws) and we do not have any replacement parts for this unit. Some users have been able to find screws small enough to serve as a replacement for a lost screw, but we recommend using care when re-building. Also, keep in mind the unit can be used without a screw by wrapping the coil around the post.

Package Includes the following:

1 Rebuildable Atomizer Unit that is ready to vape with pre-assembled wick and coil. Only the atomizer included with this purchase.

WHERE:  http://www.smartvapes.com


Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $6.84


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