February 6, 2013

2 x Trustfire18650 “Enhanced” Batteries $7.23

…its fasttech

This deal is for 2 batteries.

Here is a great deal on trustfire “enhanced” 18650 batteries.   This is the same company that had that crazy Panasonic sale.  From my research this is a new line of trustfire with an under and over voltage protection cap.   From what I understand 300mAh of the 2000mAh is put in reserve so you cant under or overcharge the battery. 

Other then those new protections, and the standard short circuit protection – these are just good ICR batteries.  Over the next few weeks batteries are going to get harder and harder to find because China is on a holiday.

I added a .99 cents to the price because they offer a faster shipping rate for 99 cents. This gets you the product in 5-8 days rather then 30 days.  I figured most of you are going to pick that option.  If you dont mind waiting 30 days, its a buck cheaper.

I bought a few sets .. you can never have too many 18650’s. 

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com/

$6.23 + 99 cents fast shipping.



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