February 11, 2013

VDAY SALE: 2 x 30ml – $19.00

…its Timeless Vapor

So the valentines day sales are starting.. It seems vendors need any excuse to have a sale – which is a good thing for you and me.   Here is great deal on juice.  You get two 30ml bottles of juice for $19.00

A little update on some of the flavors I have ordered over the last few weeks from Timeless.  The Alien DNA, Blue Moon, Jedi Juice, Apricot Peach Cobbler are all very good and I will reorder them.   I did ordered the Pecan Pie, but I haven’t tried it yet – I was told to let that one steep a while.

Check it out and order some juice.  Do what I did and try something completely different then what your used to vaping.  I ordered the Apricot Peach Cobbler and I was very happy I switched it up a bit.

WHERE:  http://www.timelessvapor.com 



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