February 15, 2013

Full 510-T Kit – $17.99

…its free-cigs

Here is another great deal on a stater kit for the new vaper.   These are 510-T Kits.  Much like the Ego-T but in a 510 battery form factory.  This is a full kit, everything you will need as far as hardware to start vaping.  I find these easier to fill for new vapers rather then a cartomizer system.


You like portability, we’ve got portability. You like flavors, we’ve got flavors. With the 510T you get the best of both worlds. This product features refillable cartridges instead of cartomizers. The 510T gives you all the flexibility and variety you need.

2 Rechargeable Batteries with Green LED2 Atomizers (3.0 Ohms / Single Coil)
1 Wall Charger
1 USB charger
7 Cartridges
1 User’s manual

WHERE: http://www.free-cigs.com/



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