February 19, 2013

NEAT: The E-Zip Kit – $25.00 / $15.00

…its Nhaler

This isn’t deal as much as something I thought was cool for the masses.  I saw these about 2 weeks ago and I thought this was a really neat item.  I didnt want to put them up until I saw a review on them.     Now the review(s) are up – i think its a collective thumbs up. 

This is a ZIPPO lighter case with a 350mAh automatic battery inside.  The cartomizer is screwed into the housing and carto can be enclosed by the zippo for easy portability.  

I really love this idea!!   The price is pretty reasonable for what this does.  Its about the cost of a regular zippo lighterThe only issue i find is it uses 808 cartomizers but you can buy them from most vendors. 

There is also a version you can just buy the guts of the unit for $15.00 and turn your own Zippo into this.  Revive the old engraved Zippo of the past!

  • 1 360mAh auto battery and passthrough combo charger
  • 4 N100 pre-filled vertical coil cartomizers in your choice
  • 1 lighter Zippo case with insert

WHERE:  http://shop.nhaler.com/



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