March 9, 2013

PIF: 510 A Mini Kit – $11.99

…its free-cigs

Here is a fantastic deal on a 510 kit.   For price of a single disposable e-cig from a gas station – you can get this reusable kit.   It comes with a rechargeable 510 battery, 6 cartomizers and a charger.  These are great to PIF to smokers, prizes for meets, and or throw in your glove compartment for an emergency. 


1 Rechargeable Automatic Battery with Green LED
6 Refillable Cartomizers
(3.0 Ohms / Single Coil)
1 USB Charger
Length: Battery: 66mm / With Carto: 104mm
Diameter: 9.3mm
Battery capacity: 180mAh
Charge time: 2.5 hours
Battery life (charge & discharge cycle times): more than 300 times




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