March 10, 2013

LIQUID: 100ml Dekang – $14.24 Free Shipping

…its FastTech

Fattech is a Chinese company I pimp for one reason.  They have China prices and ship quickly.  Right now they are having a 100ml sale thats pretty incredible.  ALL 100ml sized juices are just $14.99 with free world wide shipping.  I made sure my Dekang was authentic before pimping this deal. It arrived to me within a week of order.  I love DKTAB and fasttech is my new supplier.   They also have 30ml bottles for just $5.99 (Search 30ml).

Dekang is the best Chinese juice in my opinion.  If you didnt already know Dekang is Boge.



$14.24 for 100ml with coupon code TENOFF


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