March 18, 2013

DrawTube (GUS Telescopic Clone) KIT: $69.99 FS

…its Vaporbeast

The Drawtube (Rapture Mod) is a mechanical telescopic mod that was “inspired” by the GUS telescopic mod.  In keeping with the new trend – flat tops are in.

The big difference is the side button vs the bottom button of the GUS.  Ive looked around and all other sellers are sold out or more expensive. This is the KIT, not just the mod tube.


* Mechanical design
* Telescopes so you can use with 18350, 18500, 18650 and other batteries
* Smooth and easy to use “trigger” like button. Extremely comfortable and well positioned
* Beautiful stainless body
* Locking button feature so you can store in your pocket or purse
* 3.7 Volt device with a 510 connection
* Unique top cap design for optimal airflow.


* 1x Drawtube
* 1x 18650 battery
* 1x charger
* 1x premium zipper case



$69.99 – Free shipping


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