March 19, 2013

ROLLOUT: The Vamo v3 by KSD

…its KSD

The next incarnation of the Vamo is upon us.   KSD has the new vamo in the works and it looks pretty interesting.   From what I have been reading and seeing – this version will feature a new screen and body style.   Gone is the blue / white screen and in with the Sigelei Zmax style screen.  For all intensive purposes this is a cosmetic upgrade with some minor fixes like the spring and the new screen.  Everything else seems to be the same. Hopefully this model will be around the same price tag as the beloved v2.

The next question is when?  There are rumbles in the Co-Op groups but nothing firm.  I’ll be looking for something in the next few weeks.  This post itself will probably spark some interest in the co-op groups to get something going.


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