April 7, 2013


…its Pananal

There is a ton of buzz about the juice that this outfit is putting out.   During VapeFest NY I had the pleasure of trying all of them. I liked them all but two stood out the most – D3LUSION and S3NILITY.  I bought a few bottles and D3LUSION is in a tank as we speak.

UPDATE 4/7:  

Pananal.com has listened to the vaping community!  Within 24 hours they now made Pananal avialable in 3ml, 12ml, 22ml, 30ml, 50ml bottles.    Now you can try for a much much lower price!

They will be attending VapeBash 12th and 13th in Chicago.

WHERE: http://www.pananal.com/juice/


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