April 15, 2013

ROLLOUT: Segelie #20 Mechanical – Roller / 69 Mod Clone

…Its Vaportekusa

I found this little gem when looking through the Segelie Catalog PDF.   I was talking to a bunch of vendors  –  Vaportekusa was the first to jump on this very very attractive mechanical.

To me this looks like a Roller / 69 Mechanical Hybrid.   It is confirmed that the button is in fact a mechanical and its on top.   The button will be brass.  I have never seen interest build in a mod this quickly.  Everyone is jumping for this mod.


Telescope Mod is a fully mechanical custom machined personal vaporizer (no PCB);

With a native 510 connection the Mod is designed to work with all kinds of atomizer or cartomizer that styled with 510 thread. 2 venting holes on the bottom ring for security protection in case of the over heating of the battery.

Machined from 20/24 aircraft grade aluminum or Brass the Telescope is high quality with low maintenance.

With a telescoping design the Mod can use batteries as small as the 16340 and as large as the 18650. (18650,18500, 18350, 14500 etc…)


WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com 



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