April 16, 2013


…Its Vaportekusa

Mechanicals seem to be just falling out of the sky lately.   Vaportekusa seems to be the one doing it.  Here is the 4th incarnation of Segelei’s mechanical vision.   So far the mods released have all been very different from one another. 

Segelie #19 is a telescopic mechanical with a bottom magnetic switch.  So far the buzz on this mechanical seems to be all positive.


510 Connection with large drip well.

Body is made of stainless steel with solid brass end caps.

The mod is Telescopic to fit batteries ranging from 18350 to 18650.

Switch is Bottom firing and Magnetic.

Two vent holes are installed on the telescopic portion of the tube for safety.

The  switch lock turns clock wise and counter clockwise to lock or unlock the firing mechanism.

One of the best switch designs to date from Segelei.

WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com



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