May 2, 2013

ROLLOUT & BLOWOUT: Sigelei Kick Clone Preorder – $15.00

…its Whitestagvapor


Here is a CRAZY DEAL on the KICK clone by Sigelei.  I was in a Google hangout with the owner and he assured me these are real, live, and ready to roll.


Product Description

Sigelei Kick Clone – This is NOT the Kick by evolv

Hot selling sigelei new kick for telescope mod to adjust the voltage

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER SALE (10 days out)

The Kick is Boosted Power Regulation in the form of a drop in module designed to be used in various tube devices with IMR batteries. Foremost, the Kick is designed to be used in 18650 sized metal tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) using an 18490 or 18500 IMR battery. It can also be used in 18500 sized tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) with an IMR 18350 battery.
Unlike variable voltage, the Kick’s Power Regulation microprocessor will automatically, and constantly, adjust both the volts and amps levels (as needed) to provide consistent watts (vaping heat) output. The Kick, once users finds their preferred watts output, is more of a set it and forget it design. This is because the Kick will boost and regulate the power to provide the same watts output consistently from first activation to the last regardless of the atty/carto resistance.


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