May 14, 2013


…its Vaporjoes


5,000,000 HITS and 1,000,000 in 23 days!


Once again we hit another 1,000,000.  This means only one thing!  A day off for me!  In record time we went from 4,000,000-5,000,000 hits in just 23 days!  Thanks so much to all my readers and vendors who gave the great deals!  

… and we are just getting started! to launch soon! to follow!

To celebrate my 5,000,000th hit – I am giving away a Mod Envy / Vaporjoes themed Evic.  This mod will be given away on the Mod Envy Show on 5/18.   To enter simply join the Facebook group @ . Look for the post containing that graphic, like and share it.  You will be automatically entered to win it on the show.

Deals will continue to be posted in my Facebook group, Google, Reddit, and Twitter. 

Deals on will resume tomorrow at 3pm EST

While im away for 24 hours – please join the email list


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