May 25, 2013

DROP: The Kicket and Kicket Combo

…its supertmanufacturing

What is this… Super-T with a deal? Impossible!

Yes! Super-T is running a deal on thier kicklet and kicklet combos!   Seems the Sigelei Kick Clones and cheap Variable Wattage PCB’s are pushing prices down.  The build quality on these are incredible.


What is the Kiklet?  It’s a variable wattage screw on module that utilizes the Kick by Evolv.  Kick sold separately. 

Advantages and features:

– Allows use of the Kick on devices that don’t have a sleeve or don’t have room for the Kick (like many 18350, 18500 and 18650 battery equipped mods)

– Fits most any 510 threaded PV

– No removing the Kick for each battery change (and tearing the protective plastic) and then having to fiddle with it again to get it in and make a good ground. Set it and forget it!

– Almost instantaneous transfer from device to device.

– Rodium Plated contacts

– Cap accepts most any 510 atomizer, rebuildable, tank and also Ego C and Ego Tank style atomizer

– Cross slotted for airflow

– Stainless steel contstruction 
Fits the Kick and The Crown
– All excess material milled out for maximum weight saving


$39.99 / $79.99


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