May 27, 2013

Sigelei ZMax V3 OLED Telescopic (Flat Head) – $56.53

…its Exhalevapers

 Exhalevapers is offering a great deal on the Sigelei Telescopic.  These are the “flat head” version, and the version I find more attractive.  A friend who owns one of these tells me that these are as heavy if not heavier then a Provari.  So in terms of build quality – they are solid.


ZMax OLED Telescope VV and VW / 4 Amp Switch

  • New Brushed Stainless Steel finish
  • Works with 1 18650 or  1 or 2 18350 batteries
  • Has 510/eGo threading.
  • Beautiful OLED Display
  • Made of Stainless Steel and Brass
  • Output: 3-15 watts
  • 4 Amp output limit
  • Note, this is for body only. Does not include batteries or charger. 


THE DEAL:Use coupon code BBQ2013 to bring the total down to $56.53


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