June 9, 2013

RECALL: Smoktech Groove

…its Smoktech

The funny thing is.. they are still promoting the Groove above their recall notice! LOL
Classic – Whats wrong with this picture? LOL

Last night on Mod Envy we spoke about the Groove.  We showed pretty nasty pictures and called for a recall on the Groove.

Coincidence? Im sure it is!


Dear All Valued Customers,
Confirmed by laboratory of Smoktech,SMOKTECH GROOVE might have an potential safety hazard due to the design defects.

we deeply apologize for all the panic and inconvenience

After careful deliberation, to be responsible for customer satisfaction of normal use, to keep the brand integrity of SMOKTECH, we’ve made the decisions below:

1) As for the groove that are still at the warehouse of our distributors, pls try to destroy them at the purpose of environment protection and safety
2) as for the groove that are already sold to end users, please do a 100% recall instantly.
3) SMOKTECH distributors can choose any MOD in SMOKTECH current product line and we will send the quantity of equal value.
4) SMOKTECH will pay the shipping from factory to warehouse of our distributors.
5) We are attaching instructions on the best way to destroy the groove.
6) We will stop production of Groove since today.
At last ,thanks a lot for all your support during the past 3years. we appreciate all the advice and comments of the items from all the customers and distributors. SMOKTECH will supply the most updated ,best quality and safest products to the market in future.

Its a good thing – They do listen.

Vendors.. get ready for a shit storm of returns.

WHERE: http://www.smoktech.com

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