June 26, 2013

PRODUCTION PHOTO: Innokin 134 and a new Iclear30

…its Innokin

Innokin 134 mod

Vaporjoes always brings you the goods….

There is a ton of interest on this mod.  I resisted putting the other photos up because they aren’t real.  They are just R&D mock ups.   I waited until now, with actual photos and some information – especially pricing.  This is the black version.

These are actual production photos from Innokin.

Little is known about its output – just variable wattage at this point.  The wattage will be changed via a center ring dial.  A display screen is doubtful – they would have featured it. A new iclear30 emerges.  If you take a look – the center tank looks completely different. A possible BCC or the old internals are now covered by metal with holes to allow juice flow.

Innokin will require vendors to sell these for $149.00 – $179.00

Its expensive, but there will be vendors buying from 3rd parties to bring this to you cheaper

 Ill be here to pimp it for them 🙂

WHEN: Production starts within 2 weeks. Preorders in the next 2 weeks.

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