June 26, 2013

ROLLOUT: Smoktech Magneto aka “The Magneto Mod”

…its Smoktech

Magneto Switch by Smoktech
Magneto Switch by Smoktech

Magneto Switch By Smoktech

Smoktech has come out with another mechanical. This time they are claiming its a true magnetic switch – aka “Magneto switch”.   This mod is full stainless steel and scalable.  To me its a Sigelei #19 remake with a real working magnetic switch.  It also seems much beefier. I bet marvel comics is going to have a ball with this name.  

You heard it here first.  I’m just going to call it the Magneto Mod. 


Magneto switch is a Smoktech produced intelligent and innovative device, made of stainless steel material, engraved with Smok brand on tube and a spider pattern on end cap which makes it looks more classic.

A native 510 connection, compatible with all kinds of cartomizer and atomizer styled with 510 thread. The tube of the mod is scalable, which means you can use different batteries on it without any extension. 

 The main features of this mod is the magnetic push button, we adopts the character of the magnet, like poles repel and opposite poles attract, the push button is structured with 2 magnet inside with like poles facing to each other to achieve the same effect of traditional mechanical spring gives. As time the you use ,the flexibility of the spring will decrease, but the magnetism of the magnet is permenant ,it would never ever run out. thus the life span of the mod will be much longer than the Mod with traditional mechanical spring button.

WHERE: http://www.sunnyvaping.com

$34.95 w/ coupon magneto5off

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