July 13, 2013

FUNCTION #9: Sigelei Zmax V5 w/ Cellphone Charger – $49.99

….its whitestagvapor

Zmax v5 w/ Cellphone Charging

Cellphone Adapter

Sigelei is coming out with another version of its popular Zmax Telescopic.  This version allows the user to charge a cellphone or other usb charged device.  You screw on the included adapter and it becomes a USB charger.  This adapter WILL NOT work on any other Sigelei. It has to be selected from the menu system – which is only available on this device.


These is the new upgrade to the V3 Zmax Telescope, now named the V5.   We were informed that the body looks the same (cannot guarantee this, please see pictures from Sigelei), but the unit has a major difference!  The Circuit Board has changed to allow for you to charge your USB based accessories with the addition of the included charging accessory.

As you can see in the picture, they also indicate many new details regarding your vaping experience…including puff count and battery life.

We were told other functionality and use is exactly the same as the V3.

Please see instruction manual for detail.

WHERE: http://www.whitestagvapor.com


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