July 14, 2013

DROP: Stainless AGR Tank – $11.95

…is litecigusa

AGR Cartomizer Tank
AGR Cartomizer Tank

AGR Cartomizer Tank
AGR Cartomizer Tank

AGR Cartomizer Tank
AGR Cartomizer Tank

One of the best carto tanks I have ever used.

An awesome stainless tank from the makers of the AGA-T / IGO-L .
Now they have one for cartomizers.

Fits both Boge and Smoktech replacements, you can use Boges and punch your own holes or use Smotech Pre-holed No Flange Tank replacements
It comes with a threaded stainless steel top cap with a filler screw. Threaded Poly Tanks (2 sizes, one for the standard Boge and one for standard Smoktechs & Boge XLs) The bottom is also threaded and has a special design that lets the carto it in nice and tight and easy to get off. The bottom tank piece screws in but there is another piece that is the true bottom that you put the end of the carto in to screw it all together. This way there are no leaks out the bottom because you can’t accidentally pull the cartos out the bottom, so no more leaks.

The top has a fill hole you can unscrew for no more mess or pressure spills, again, no more leaks and no air pressure problems.  You can also remove the top to fill if you like.
There are grooves on the connector piece for maximum airflow on any device it’s attached to.

WHERE: http://www.litecigusa.net


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