July 18, 2013

TOTAL RECALL: Kanger Ego / Evod Batteries

…its ECF / Heavens Gifts 

Looking around ECF today I noticed a full recall on all EVOD / EGO style batteries from Kanger.  



According to our customers’ feedbacks and factory’s information, some EVOD batteries died after charge in a short time.  KangerTech figured out that there might be problem with 2 or 3 batches of battery cells they got from a battery factory. These
batteries are possible to EXPLODE during charge, although the possibility is very very small.
KangerTech attached great importance to the problem and upgraded the protection of EVOD battery and have more strict quality control on the battery cells. The EVOD batteries we are supplying now are all improved ones, there is no such problem.
In order to avoid any serious accident, we and KangerTech decided to make the recall on old version of EVOD batteries, regardless of the high cost.

The potential faulty EVOD batteries are as below:

All EVOD 650mAh batteries in matte black, yellow, blue. Rest colors we sent before June 24.
ALL EVOD 1000mAh batteries in yellow, green. Rest colors we sent before June 24.
All EVOD starter kits in yellow. Rest colors we sent before June 24.

Here is our recall procedure:

1. Please stop selling all old version EVOD batteries, including those in the starter kits immediately.

2. Please inform all your end users to stop using old version EVOD batteries immediately.

3. We will replace all your old version EVOD batteries and send with your future order. Please email us the quantity and color.

KangerTech EVOD 650mAh manual battery,color *quantity
KangerTech EVOD 1000mAh manual battery,color *quantity

Also, you must leave an order message about it when you place your new order.

4. Owing to factory’s limited production ability, there might be delay in replacing with new batteries. We will try our best to ship out replacement asap.

5. No need to send back the old version EVOD battery to us.

If you once purchased EVOD batteries or EVOD starter kits, please do reply this email to confirm that you already knew this serious issue.

Any question, please kinly send email to [email protected] for solution.

Again: The EVOD batteries we sell online now are improved ones, there is no such problem.

We apologize for any inconvenience to you and your valued customers!


Heaven Gifts

WHERE: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com

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