July 20, 2013

Cartomizer and Atomizer Ohm Meter – $19.45

…its SunnyVaping

I was looking for one of these the other day and everyone is either expensive or sold out.  I found Sunnyvaping and its a pretty good deal.  

Why do you need one?  There are a couple reasons why people buy ohm meters.  The obvious is – it tells your resistance.  Most importantly it allows you to test for shorts BEFORE you put it on a mod.   Some added protection.

Re-builders also use these to build right on top of – as a platform.


Easily test cartomizers and atomizers without having to use a meter. Simply screw on a cartomizer or atomizer and this tester will show you the ohms. Great for testing ohms or for bad cartomizers or atomizers. The ohm meter will read a 1 in the first digit to the left if there is no current flow through the device. Accurate to +-0.2%. Will read from 0.01 to 9.99 ohms. Simple and easy to use with native 510 and 901/808 connectors. Extensions or adapters can be used to test other atomizers or cartomizers as well as eGo style atomizers and cartomizers. The test amperage is only 3 milliamps and will not produce heat at the coil of the atomizer or cartomizer you are testing.

WHERE: http://store.sunnyvaping.com/

vaporjoeohm TO BRING THE TOTAL TO $19.45

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