August 23, 2013


….its vapecrate

Vapecrate in Military Spec Plastic
Vapecrate in wood

Vapecrate is announcing new materials for their mod stands.    The owner tells me that they are military spec plastics that are formed on a CNC machine.   They a slightly more expensive then the original wood models but have some advantages.  The wood models are still available and are still an absolute steal. 

My favorite in terms of “bang for your buck” is the low cost pine mod stand.  Located in the “Wood Stand” section of the website.

(10) standard mods (Vamo, eVic, Provari, etc.)
(4) eGo batteries
(7) 30ml bottles
(3) 15ml bottles
(4) standard tanks (Vivi Nova, carto tanks, etc.) or batteries
(6) mini tanks (mini Vivi Nova, eVod)
(10) drip tips

Dimensions: 14″ (W) X 7 1/4″ (D)

COST: $25.00


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