September 14, 2013

AG-R+ PYREX TANK – $16.65

….its Vaporbeast

AGR+ Cartomizer Tank

I get a ton of requests by users for new carto style tanks.

Made by the people who brought you the AGA-T2, IGO-L, and IGO-W.  Here we have the AGR+ Cartomizer Tank.  I think the original AGR is the best carto tank money can buy – but they now have a Pyrex version. 


The AGR+ Pyrex Pro is simply one of the best tanks available today. This is the PRO version of the first generation AGR tank. This is a robustly featured cartomizer tank available for a BEASTLY price! Pick one up and enjoy a stellar vaping experience!

* Made from 304 grade stainless steel!
* Tank made out of PYREX glas
* End caps are screw-on, making for easy assembly
* 3ml and 4ml e-juice capacity. Your choice!

In the description it say Polycarb, but they are infact Pyrex.  An email was sent to confirm.



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