September 20, 2013


….its Fasttech

Here is a great deal on the Ego Twist 1300mAh.  I bought the original 1100mAh from Fasttech and they are some of the best batteries I have ever used.  I send them to new vapers all the time.   For $1.00 more your getting a 200mAh more and an easier to read voltage selection on the bottom.

These use “Buck Boost” variable voltage which is superior to the typical china pulse width modulation – due to its accuracy.

Egos are what I use when I go out – these should last the average vaper all day on a single charge.


Tips: The eGo-C twist battery is another advanced version based on the eGo-T original. The circuit has been modified to enable adjustment of the output voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V in 0.2V increments using a simple ‘twist’ of the end cap at the bottom of the battery. With a smart Buck-Boost converter inside, you can spin the control dial at the end of the battery to adjust the output voltage to your requirement. No messy menus, each voltage is clearly marked on the dial!
  • Short circuit protection
  • Battery features: press quickly 5 times to turn on/off
  • Can be adjusted from 3.2-4.8V volts in 0.2 volt increments
  • Button LED light color: White

According to Fasttech these ARE NOT being stopped by HK Post.



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