October 22, 2013

THE $887,205.00 ECIG!

…its dailymail.co.uk


..and you thought Otto Carter was expensive.

A sign an industry is doing well – is when someone encrusts its products in diamonds.  Say hello to the £550,000 ($887.205 USD).  Soon to be cloned at fasttech for $33.00.


It is the ultimate bling birthday present for a wealthy Russian billionaire’s girlfriend who has everything but wants to give up smoking – at a cost of more than half a million pounds.

The £550,000 diamond encrusted custom-made electronic vaping machine was manufactured on the personal order of an anonymous London-based Russian oil magnate.

The masterpiece – which took four and a half months to create – is laden with 246 flawless two-carat clear crystal diamonds each worth £1,800.

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